Monday, October 22, 2012

Gone...But Not Forgotten...

Hello strangers! Remember me?

This isn't a return to full blogging just yet, more a friendly reassurance that I haven't forgotten about good old IdleToIdol, and do intend to return in the future.

I am waiting to attain a certain milestone before I return full-time. You see, I gained some weight back over the summer, and I'm fed up of constantly trying to justify gains week in week out, so I decided to wait until my weight is the same as it was when I left off, and then I will continue with the blogging progress.

Why the weight gain? Well, part of it was just summer relaxation, but there is more to it than that. Besides overeating and a sedentary cycle, there was another bad habit I knew I had to kick at some point. A bad habit I have now (fingers crossed) managed to put behind me, but one that does tend to lead to weight gain once its kicked!

I'll explain fully one I return to the blog, but I wanted IdleToIdol to be about exercise and healthy eating etc, and didn't want to take it on a diversion into that particular vice, so for now I'm still on a break, but I will be back!

I'll admit now that I haven't been following any of my old blogging friends during this time away either, so I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone's progress! I might pop back in from time to time, but I don't expect to back to full blogging for a number of weeks yet. Until then...