Friday, November 10, 2017

Idle To Idol 2: The Revenge

It has been over five years...

The first sensation of being back here is one of bewildered disorientation. I know that it was me writing these blogs, and i know it was me making all these incredible losses and running all these miles...but it sounds like a stranger.

The fact that I have returned, after all these years, to my weight loss blog might fill you with foreboding. And that would be right - I’m not happy with my weight again, and so once again something has to be done about it. But i wouldn’t have you think it has been all doom and gloom for the last five years - far from it! I have achieved things and done things that would have seeemd impossible five years ago, and i will update you on all my progress soon.

For now, just know that i will be trying to fire this blog back up again, in the hopes that it helps me in the same way it helped me in the past. Let’s find out together...if any of you are still here after five years that is!

Until next time...