Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 5 So Far...

After what I consider a pretty darn successful first month, I know I am now entering a difficult phase of my weight loss.

Not only has my weekly loss by (more or less) dieting alone started to level out, but I'm also coming to a particularly busy time in my degree, with exams looming very close on the horizon. That means lots of time sat sedentary in my room, and perhaps eating more than I have been.

So, I need to make some ground rules early on.

1) Keep watching what you eat. Don't let the fact that I'm constantly at home and probably quite bored lead to comfort eating!

2) Make a conscious effort to exercise. So far this week I have only worked out once, and haven't been for a run at all. There's still a few days before my Monday weigh, and I plan to do two runs and two more work-outs in that time, but now especially I need to make regular exercise part of my routine.

3) Don't let it interfere with my revision! This blog has become really quite addictive, so I have to make sure I concentrate on the exams coming up, and don't just spend all my time online!

It's not all doom and gloom though. I am down a little already this week, and as I have said, plan to do some more exercising over the weekend, so I should be able to record my fifth consecutive loss on Monday. I think I just need to start coming to terms with the fact that the long slog is beginning - I probably won't be shedding 7-8 lbs a week any more between now and my target date. I need to start appreciating the minus symbol every week, and not the number that follows it! Must keep motivated must keep motivated must keep motivated...


  1. I'm trying to reduce my body fat percentage at the moment. I take ~1h walks every day and excercise all of my muscles afterwards for ~30 mins. Two times a week I also go to aikido practice.

    Tips that I've found useful:
    -chew gum between meals(practicly all the time)
    -drink buckets of water
    -eat 5-6 small meals a day(better shit it out than let it get stored in your body)
    -listen to some good music when going for a walk/run

  2. Those are pretty sound tips actually. I'm drinking waaay more water than I did before, wakes me up better than 2 espressos ever used to. And as long as you're watching the calories over those meals, with all the exercise you get in, you should definitely see some changes.

  3. good to know, nice post

    + follower:)

  4. <3 people who make the effort instead of giving excuses. You have my support. Keep it up. Remember to eat enough come meal time, you'll just eat more later on if you try to cut back.

  5. Good to see your doing and effort. Keep up the your spirit, because if your spriit fails, everything fails. Thought from here, keep up the good work!

  6. Hey I lost about 80 pounds over this past year. Ultimately diet is more important but should be supplemented with exercise.

  7. Staying healthy while studying is hard work! It's what got me into this mess to start with, I thin. Congratulations on your loss so far, well done!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's that kind of thing that really inspires and motivates.

  8. I am so impressed. I am sure with your determination to succeed you will definitely make it to idol. :)