Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting Serious About Losing Weight

First of all, thank you to all my readers, regular and otherwise, for helping me get to 400 views! When I started the blog I told myself it was mostly to a) help keep me motivated, b) have a permanent online record of my weight loss, that I could look back on in the future when I needed a confidence boost, and c) save my regular written journal from endless entries bewailing my weight and my failure to do anything about it. I never dared hope anyone else would bother to read it, so again, THANK YOU - it really does help, knowing people drop by and read my entries - makes me feel accountable, makes me WANT to keep recording losses even more!

Following on from my previous post, I've been really struggling to show any loss this week. The weight went up again this morning, which is a complete mystery to me, and I'm still running at a net gain since Monday. Part of me was quite ready to accept a gain this week, after 7 really great weeks of losing weight (and more weight than I expected to lose in that time too). I've been ill, which has reduced my ability to exercise, and as I'm now entering revision-mode for Uni, its harder to keep to the diet (as I'm at home more, and oh so close to the fridge).

But this morning I thought - to hell with that. I've done so well thus far, and I want to keep doing well. I won't say its been easy up until now, but its certainly not been the struggle I expected. The thing is, as I've mentioned before, I'm into the 260's now. This has sort of been my 'base-weight' range for years, and I've bounced around it in all my previous weight loss attempts. Any weight lost from here on out is going to be really old-school, entrenched fat that I've been carrying for years. My body is used to carrying this amount of weight - of course its going to be harder to drop from here.

But I'm determined to do it. This afternoon, regardless of my cough and cold, I went out for a run. It was rather a spluttery affair, with lots of coughing and yakking into passing bushes, but somehow I managed my longest distance for about a year - a full 5k. Tomorrow morning I am getting up extra early to do my weight exercises, and when I pack for my trip home this weekend (which before I kind of accepted would be a restful, eat-what-you-like-and-lose-it-later trip), I'm putting in my running gear. I am NOT going to let this week be my first gain. If this is the start of the serious war against my weight, then I want the first battle to be a victory for me.

So I'm going for it. I'm going to exercise every day between now and my Monday weigh-in, and I'm going to keep to the diet this weekend, even if my refusal of seconds and/or desserts draws raised eyebrows from the family (who by-and-large don't know about my weight loss attempt yet). I don't care if I only manage another 0.1 lb loss - as long as its a loss!

Oh for the day when I weigh 180-190 lbs, and gaining a couple means I only have to go for a run or two that week, and can shed them again. But to get there, I need to knuckle down. So, here we go. Knuckles well and truly down. Wish me luck!


  1. Cool post BRO!!


  2. I admire your determination. Load up on vitamin C, it does the trick for me when I have a cold. Good luck with Monday.

  3. But of course we love being here to encourage you along!