Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day

Just a quick post today, as I haven't blogged since my weigh-in on Monday.

As most people will be aware, today was the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Being a Londoner, I naturally headed off this morning to try and get a good place to watch the proceedings.

Well, what a nightmare!

Most places were jam-packed, and those that weren't were rapidly cordoned of by the police. I found myself moving up from Westminster Abbey where the ceremony was held, trying to get a place near to Buckingham Palace, but the route I more or less had to take led me right past the Palace, and round the back of it! I had more of less given up and tried to get home, but was forced to follow the barriers, which fortunately led me to within photo distance of the Palace. Better yet, when the barriers finally went down before the balcony appearance, I was in prime position, and rushed across the square to get a good spot for some photos.

As such, I've been on my feet for hours, have walked about 7.5 miles (it all counts as exercise, you know!), and I've had a fun time doing it. I won't bore you with the literally hundreds of photos I took, but here's a quick selection that in years to come will be my proof that I was there!

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