Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 7 - RESULTS

So, after getting so close to the 260's last week, did I manage to reach them this time round?

STARTING WEIGHT:   270.3 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  265.2 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  5.1 lbs


This is my biggest weekly drop in weight since the first fortnight, and entirely unexpected. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was worried that my calorie intake had become too low, and so this week I was making an effort to eat more food (a bizarre target when one is losing weight!).  I haven't been able to exercise as much either, as I have been really quite ill the last few days. That is what has caused the big drop I think, as most of this weight was lost over the weekend. It must be combination of not eating as much (as I was mostly bed-bound lamenting my ill fortune) and loss of water and mass caused by, er, frequent toilet breaks.

As such, I think I'll have to play this coming week quite carefully, as if I have just lost a lot of water here, it could very easily go right back on. I'm taking a trip home at the weekend too, to celebrate the end of teaching for this term, so we'll see how well I resist the temptations of home cooking!

Here are some of the mini-targets I have passed this week:

- 10% drop in total body weight! Never mind my target weight-loss figure - there is now 10% LESS of me than there was at the start of the program! I'm starting to gradually notice the differences at last too. Not so much when I look in the mirror (still fairly similar to before in my eyes), but just in moving around, how my clothes fit etc. Hurrah!

- Passed the 19 stone marker. Despite weighing in pounds, I have to convert it into stone before I can really appreciate my progress, and I am now into the 18's! Only just mind you, but as I've mentioned before, 18.5 stone is a figure I have always associated with myself, even when I was heavier than that, so can't wait to finally drop below it again!

- Lighter than I was a year ago. About a year ago I started running regularly (quite out of the blue), and lost a lot of weight. I never really kept track of it though, so couldn't properly appreciate my progress, and I eventually ran out of steam. I did find an old aborted spreadsheet though, that told me I weighed 267 lbs on May 10th 2010. I'm lighter than that now, so progress is resumed!

Before I head off for some revision (or procrastinating, we'll see), here are my usual photos, and of course my total weight loss to date...


 265.2 lbs

265.2 lbs

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  1. Wow amazing results once again. Like biggest loser up in here. Keep it up man!