Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 9 So Far...

Week 9! Can't believe we're that far into this program. The time seems to have flown by, thanks largely (I believe) to this blog - it keeps my targets in the forefront of my mind, keeps me focussed, and every week becomes a mini battle, aiming for another loss to record on my weekly weigh-ins.

Other posts have been a bit thin on the ground of late, and that's mostly due to the mountain of revision I'm currently having to scale. Have two years of medical exams coming up in the next few months (the darker side of a fast-track program), and that includes stuff they simply didn't have enough hours to timetable - what should be revision is in fact just straight-up learning from scratch!

It hasn't distracted me from the weight-loss though. My weight rocketed up at the start of the week, mostly due to what must have been a bad estimate of my weight last Monday (when I was visiting my folks and without my usual scales). I've had a great week though, watching what I eat and going for longer and more regular runs (going for another tonight, which will put me at 16 miles over the last 8 days, which I'm very happy with). Confident I will record a fair loss on Monday, but that will actually represent quite a substantial loss over the week (reduced by the gain from my slovenly behaviour at home last weekend).

This Thursday past was also the two-month mark for my weight-loss program. As such, tomorrow's photos will include a comparison with those I took on day 1, so here's hoping we see a real difference! I'm really starting to feel the difference - more energy, more confidence, and a strange fire in my belly when I'm exercising that makes me want to push harder and longer, rather than stagger home after getting in my minimum distance. Last week I was worried that I was approaching a more difficult phase of my weight-loss, trying to shift pounds I have carried for years. But this week I feel as though my perspective is changing, and I am acting, behaving, feeling more like the person I want to be - a person who enjoys exercising, who knows its important to watch what I eat, and who cares about my health, fitness and how I look.

Exciting times - let's hope tomorrow's result is a good one!

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