Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 14 So Far...

Evening all!

Apologies for not posting in a while, had my second exam on Friday, so the days before that are now just a RedBull-fuelled blur of cramming. Went up to my Dad's on Saturday, and now I'm finally home, with a big sleep debt I am desperate to repay!

On my Monday weigh-in I didn't quite manage to reach the half-way mark. Well, at Tuesday's weigh-in, I did. Thing is, I saw quite a dramatic drop between Monday and Tuesday, and being as it followed on from quite a big loss the week before, I was slightly concerned. Never thought I'd be concerned to see weight dropping off me fast!

But I want the weight-loss to be steady, and sustainable. Now I have a better understanding of how my body loses weight, I can tell if its slowing down, or speeding up, or whatever. And I got worried that the weight was shifting a little too fast. Given that I've been revising for the last few weeks, and spending most days glued to my desk, my calorie consumption has been pretty low, and my appetite has shrunk accordingly. As such, I probably haven't been eating as much as I should, and I was concerned that some of the weight I had lost might have been muscle mass.

So I've made an effort to eat a bit more this week. After all, my only objective for tomorrow's weigh-in is to reach 50% of my target, and that only needs a loss of 0.6lbs. So I allowed myself to relax while I was at home, had a take-away with my Dad and Step-Mum, and just allowed myself a couple of days where I didn't have to think about my diet or exercising. Was quite relaxing to be honest, and as long as I see the result I want tomorrow, I won't feel bad about it.

So, let's hope tomorrow, the scales are kind!

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