Thursday, September 29, 2011

Redefining Targets

The counter on the right of my blog says that, in six days, I will have reached my target weight.

Obviously, that's not going to happen!

That target was set right at the start of my weight loss, and depended on a weekly loss of 3.1 lbs. I knew that was an ambitious target when I set it - nearly every source recommends no more than 2lbs a week. However, I figured that a low target might make me complacent - if i reached my weekly goal by a Wednesday, I'd be less inclined to make an effort for the rest of the week. So I kept the elevated target, as a way to keep me pushing right through the week.

And for a long time it worked. I managed to stay ahead of target all the way from February to July. But then August came, my month of gain, and that finally set me behind my target.

Now I look at my weigh-in spreadsheet, I see that I am actually about the same weight now as I was back in July. Since then I lost some more, then gained, and am now working my way back down again. That's two months of no progress. My first reaction to that is a negative one, as I haven't dropped any lower than I was two months ago. There is a small part of me which thinks its OK, with an eye to my maintenance phase - I've been able to keep my weight the same (with peaks and troughs of course) for two months, gaining a bit and then working to reduce that gain. I'm OK with that when I reach the maintenance phase, after hitting my goal weight...but I'm not there yet!

So, I need to make a new weekly target, and new end date. There are 13 weeks until the end of the year (not counting this one), and 30lbs still to shed, so that works out at 2.3 lbs a week. Still above the recommended weekly loss, but lower than the one I have at present. As such, I think I'll make that my target at the start of next week. Chances are I'll still be above that target come the New Year, but I really ought to be really close by then. And you never know, maybe I WILL manage to meet that target, and can start 2012 at my goal weight, not having to lose any more pounds, but rather just trying to maintain the weight!

Its just become a bit disheartening, opening my spreadsheet every morning and seeing a big red column, telling me I'm almost 30lbs behind schedule. In the past I used to enjoy looking at the target column, seeing that I was on track, or pushing hard to make sure I stayed on track. Nowadays its just depressing, knowing that I'll never be able to make up the weight loss in the time I had set. Hopefully having a new target will allow me to finally see green numbers in my target column, and enthuse me once again!


  1. Okay, you have come so far, and have done such an amazing job... why now pout? Not trying to be harsh, just being honest...

    You are amazing and if you don't know this... go look in the mirror... See that amazing blogger, loser (of the weight of course) and person!!

    Once you lose so much weight, is it not true it gets harder??

    "The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goals. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach." -Benjamin E. Mays

    Dust the dirt off your shoulder, and work it!! You will enjoy the green numbers I assure you!! ;)

  2. Hehe, you're right of course, I HAVE been a bit of a grump in my last few posts. I think I'm just annoyed with myself, for allowing the gains I had last month...but its so true, part of the reason I fell behind my (admittedly crazy) original target was because my weight loss was naturally slowing. And why? Because I'd lost a ton of weight, that's why!

    I think my next post will have to be a positive one...hmmm, already got some ideas!

  3. There is that guy!! The blogger that inspires and doesn't let numbers slow him down!! :)

    You have a wonderful day!! Stay strong!! :)

  4. Yes, it is depressing knowing that you weren't able to achieve a constant rate of loss. But don't be too disheartened, 99.9% of weight loss bloggers can't do it (I think slimming down for the gown is the only one I can remember who has done it). Have a look at the graph at the top right of my blog. Does it look linear? Why does it stop halfway through the year? Recent gain, too embarrassed to update yet.