Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 42 - RESULTS

OK, a day late, but that's better than never! Or is it?

STARTING WEIGHT:   216.7 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  219.5 lbs

WEIGHT GAIN:    2.8 lbs

You know, this was the weight I recorded on Monday. This morning, my weight was back down again, but I didn't want to start heading down that road, cherry-picking the days I weigh-in to get the best results. So, although this result is completely wrong as of this morning, it was accurate on Monday morning, so I HAVE to go with it!

It's completely ridiculous, too. Remember how my weight had inexplicably gone up Sunday morning? Well, I watched my food that day, then went for a run Sunday night too. More than enough to AT LEAST keep the same weight, right?

WRONG! Lol, a gain of this magnitude is complete nonsense. Which, in a strange way, is what makes it both annoying, and OK. Its annoying, because it bears absolutely no resemblance to the diet or exercise I did last week. However, for that very same reason its hard to get mad about it - I held up my end of the bargain, I dieted and exercised, so by rights I should have lost weight. If my body doesn't want to play ball...well, that's IT'S problem. As for me, I'm living a healthy, active lifestyle, the way I want to. So go me, and to Hell with the scales!

Just to be on the safe side, I'm keeping a food diary this week, just to see if there are calories sneaking in I'm not considering (but I'm sure there aren't). I'm having a really good week so far actually - this result hasn't got me down at all! I may divulge why I'm so merry in a later post...we shall see.

If nothing else, at least I kept myself out of the 220's! Sucks to drop out of the 80-lb-lost bracket though, I really enjoyed it there, but now I have something to aim for!

77.6 lbs

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