Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Week 9 - RESULTS

Extremely late, I know - but better late than never!

STARTING WEIGHT:   219.1 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  218.9 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    0.2 lbs

So, why so late?

I only have one week left of this term, and exams follow on Tuesday the week after. It would be nice to say that everything is wrapped up and I've been focussed solely on revision...but of course, that isn't the case!

Everything is coming to head, and I am cray busy. Frustratingly, there are various skill sign-offs we need to get each term, and even though we do them every day, there's rarely anyone around to sign off the practice in our books. As such, I have to do an on-call tonight just to ensure there's a consultant for me to harrass for my signatures, and then I need to do the same on Sunday. On top of that, I have several presentations I need to prepare, and I pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday trying to finish a research paper we're hoping to publish. Haven't even had a chance to think about revision yet!

With all this, my weight loss hasn't exactly been in the forefront of my mind. The fact that I still showed a small loss last week is encouraging to me. However, it also raised a slight concern.

You see, I haven't been for a run in almost two weeks. I'm always wary to offer my 'reasons' for this, as I have above, because in my experience what counts as a 'reason' one day can be revealed as a poor 'excuse' on the next. But I have been busy...and that's what concerns me. The fact is life is always going to busy, and I don't want that to be an excuse for not exercising. I would understand if there had been a reduction in how much exercise I did, perhaps moving from 'weight-loss' levels down to 'maintenance' levels. But to not exercise at all? That's not good enough.

If my on-call finishes on time I should be home just after 10pm tonight, and depending on how tired I am I hope to go for a run then. Maybe try and squeeze one in on Sunday evening too. I can't promise anything, as the fact is I really do have to spend every available hour (and then some) working, but occasional breaks are always necessary, so it could be a chance to kill two birds with one stone!

 2012 Weight Loss: 
6.0 lbs (78.2 total loss)

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  1. I'm glad to see you are still in losing mode. Hope you can run more soon. :)