Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 8 So Far...

So a picture can say a thousand words, right?

Actually, I'm maybe being a little hard on myself. But no, not really.

The week started pretty well. I'd already got two runs under my belt by Thursday, and had been doing ok with the diet, by which I mean sticking the meals I had prepared, rather than snacking or buying food on the go.

The thing is, I'm still trying to find my feet with this new push for goal, still trying out different methods and approaches. One of the things I'm trying to fine-tune is my diet. I obviously don't want to eat too much. I'm also wary of eating too little, as I'm concerned it may have affected my concentration and energy levels, and therefore my work, in the past. I've said how too many carbs lead me to binge, but I'm also wary of relying too much on protein, because of all those Atkins horror stories you hear.

I guess its all about balance, and I'm still trying to find mine. This week I didn't fall off the wagon completely, but we definitely hit a pot-hole and had a good wobble. You see, this week I upped the number of carbs in my diet, seeing if that made me stronger on my runs (as I felt run down most of last week). It started fine, but I was eating more and more each day, and feeling hungrier each evening, until finally on Thursday night I caved, and had a kebab. On Friday I was even worse - running late in the morning, so skipped breakfast, then was busy all day so I skipped lunch, and then, telling myself that as I was at zero calories for the day I could get away with it, I had ANOTHER kebab!

It almost went overboard today. Instead of using up some of the food in the fridge I went to the shop and brought a sausage roll and a donut for lunch, and then almost went out for a third kebab this evening. Its funny, eating a few carbs just makes me so HUNGRY! Or maybe, when my body starts to crave them, they start creeping into my diet, and that's why I've made the association. Who knows.

The good news is, I didn't have a third kebab. I went for a run instead! I'm still worried about the impact it will have on my weigh-in on Monday, but we'll have to wait and see. I've now got three runs in this week, and might be able to squeeze in a fourth tomorrow, so I would still hope to see a loss - just maybe not my target loss, which would mean the second time on the trot I've failed to reach it...

See you Monday!

(PS there is ONE upside to having overloaded on made my run tonight so much easier, and I recorded my best time yet!)


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  1. Yeah, it does sound like you need to clean up the eating. That's a big part of the battle, but I know you can do it. Sausage roll and a donut for lunch?!?! That sounds very dangerous, Mister!

    I'm still surprised when I see a new post in the News Feed from you, I'm so used to you not blogging - it feels like a special surprise when you do. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, haha. Take care, make this week a good one! :)