Monday, February 28, 2011

Every journey begins with a first step...

Greetings readers,

So, before we get stuck in with the nitty-gritty of my progress over this last week, how about a heads-up on where I started from?

My program began on February 21st, 2010. Why that date? Simply because on that date I was finally unpacked and moved in to my new digs. In the past I have come up with endless excuses for not exercising and for eating badly (I will give you some of them in a later post). A big one recently has been that I couldn't cook where I was before (more a lame excuse than an actual reality), and so took it as a given that I would have to eat fast food. That was my excuse - IT WASN'T MY FAULT. I had to - there was no other way. Sound familiar?

Well I decided that I would start afresh in my new room, and try to cut out as much of the junk food as possible. As well as eating better generally I would also try to cut back my calorie intake to get the ball rolling, and also try to limit my carbs (as I could very easily get through a whole loaf of bread a day if I wasn't careful!). Once some of the weight was gone, I would start exercising, and then begin reintroducing some of my carb-rich-but-oh-so-delicious favourites, such as potatoes, breads and pastas.

If there's one thing different now from all the other attempts in the past, it's that I have a definite date by which to achieve my goals. It really helped put things into perspective, and made dividing up my targets much easier. What is so special about the date in question? Read on to find out!

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