Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things I Can't Wait To Do When I'm Slim

In an attempt to harness the power of positive thinking, here is a quick list, in no particular order, of things I am really looking forward to doing when I have reached my goal weight.

1) WEAR A T-SHIRT. For too long I've been paranoid about my belly and my man-boobs, and for ages would only wear shirts with double breast pockets, believing that would hide my shame. But I used to love wearing T-shirts, and one day I will again. And heck, I might even tuck it in!

2) GO SWIMMING. I know I ought to go anyway, as it would help with the weight loss, but I haven't taken my shirt off in public in years. I love swimming, either at the pool or at the beach, and can't wait to go again, without the fear of what people looking at me will think.

3) SUNBATHE. Following on from the above, never taking my shirt off means I can never sunbathe, and I'm fed up of being so pale all the time - coupled with my size, I feel like Moby Dick. Well not for much longer! I can't wait to have a great tan, and to show it off!

4) DANCE WITH A GIRL. For years I refused any dancing whatsoever, until one day I let go (thanks to rather too many Southern Comforts), and found I really enjoy it. But that's dancing by myself, or as part of a big group of friends. When I'm slim I'm darned well going to find a nice-looking girl and dance with her! And do it sober!! And look good doing it!!!

5) RUN A MARATHON. I did quite a lot of running a year ago, and if I'd kept it up, would have been at my goal weight by now. For whatever reason I stopped, but I still remember the almost euphoric feeling I got making my body work hard like that. And this was when I weighed 260-270 lbs. I can scarcely imagine how much fun it must be to run when you weigh as little as 190 lbs, flying along the pavement, the world whipping by. At some point I am going to do a marathon...and I'm going to love it!

6) GO OUT WITHOUT A JACKET. Regardless of the weather, I am seldom seen without an overcoat, or at least a suit jacket. This is my (knowing) attempt to hide my folds, and also to avoid that awkward moment when the wind presses your clothes against your body, giving away all your contours. Of course all it does is add another layer, and make me look even more bulky, so I can't wait to head out into town, regardless of the weather (unless perhaps sleet!) and not have to lug around a mass of jacket!

7) DO A PROPER PUSH-UP. I know what I'm meant to do - it just seems impossible. When I'm face-down on the carpet, everything sagging and gravity grabbing all of it, there is no way I can lift myself up onto my toes and hands without my arms shaking halfway up, and then giving way. One day I'll do some proper push-ups. Then I'll do them again with someone on my back. Then i'll do them one-handed. I might even play the Rocky theme tune while I do it!

8) CLIMB A MOUNTAIN. I've done a lot of hiking and rambling in my time, and I love it, but the fact that I'm gasping, blistered, chaffed and sweaty does take something away from the experience. When I'm slim I'm going to pick a nice mountain (I'm not crazy so it won't be Everest...yet...) and darn well climb it, and love every step of the way!

9) SKY-DIVE. A few years ago I got a visa and went to live and work in New Zealand for 12 months. While there I did most of the things I wanted to - abseiling, caving, bungy jumping - but when the opportunity arose to do a sky-dive, I discovered that I was too heavy to do it in tandem with an instructor. As I wouldn't want to be all by myself for my first one, that pretty much ruled that off my to-do list. But not for much longer!

10) FLIRT WITH SOMEONE I LIKE. For too long, if I've liked someone, I've ended up drifting away from them before I got too close, because I saw it as inevitable that they would only like me as a friend, would fall for someone else, and as their friend I'd have to be there to see it, to hear about it, to bear it. When I feel better about myself, I'm going to stick with the person I like, and find out if they like me too. Even if they don't, at least I won't be beating myself up with 'what ifs' anymore!

11) STOP WEARING VESTS/UNDERSHIRTS. Similar to 1 and 6 above, I've somehow ended up wearing a vest/undershirt every day. I always tuck it in very tightly, and then do my belt up even tighter, in the half-belief that this smooths out my bumps and lumps and makes me look slimmer. Again as above, its just another layer bulking me up further, so I can't wait for the day when I no longer feel this is necessary!

12) TAKE NEW PROFILE PICTURES. Yes I'm guilty of this. For everything, from Facebook to passports and driving licences, I either use an old photo where I'm slimmer, or a newer photo where by some miracle of lighting I look slimmer. I'm really looking forward to the day when I don't have to skim through hundreds of snaps to find an appropriate one - soon every picture will look like me, and every picture will look good!

13) LEARN HOW TO DO A BACK-FLIP. Because why not?

14) BUY NEW CLOTHES. This will be a riot. I've been wearing more or less the same wardrobe for years. Occasionally I'll treat myself, and buy a new black shirt or shapeless jumper to replace an old one. But I can't wait to actually try out different styles, different find out what I would actually like to wear, and what looks good!

Phew! Slightly longer than I had anticipated, and yet I feel there's lots more to do. I might make a similar post when I'm further down the path of my weight loss, with the things I've been able to do already, and any new goals that have cropped up!

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  1. This is an awesome list! I bet you are able to already start on quite a few - some new wardrobe items at least. Ahhh, the dancing! I can't wait to do this either.