Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss

A very quick post here, just to show off a graph I (finally) managed to make in Excel.

Whenever I'd tried to lose weight in the past, I'd only ever weighed once a week, usually Monday morning. Some weeks though, no matter how well I'd eaten or how much I'd exercised, the weight would have gone up. There was nothing so demotivating as that, and it scuppered me several times.

Now I knew in the back of my mind that weight is always going to fluctuate, so I decided that this time, I was going to weigh every day. Some might say this shows you even more fluctuations, and can be even more demotivating, but I decided to keep track of the ups and downs, to reassure myself if I had a bad couple of days.

Here is the graph of my first 20 days of dieting. Overall I have lost 17.1 lbs, which I am very happy with, but look how much the line jumps up and down! Had I only been weighing on the days when the weight was high, I might have been really disappointed, but now I can see the bigger picture!

So, if you've done everything right but the scales refuse to show it - DON'T DESPAIR!!

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  1. wow. guess I'm not doing so bad after all then. Thanks for posting this, it really does make me feel better!