Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 2 - Quick Round-Up

Tomorrow I will be posting the results from my second week on my new program, but before then, I thought it was worth quickly updating you on how this week has gone, to explain the results we see tomorrow.

Generally I feel it has gone really well. I have had a 'reading week' from med school which means no lectures at all (they call it a reading week to encourage us to revise, but really it's just a half-term break for the faculty!). Sleeping quite late and not doing much more than watching TV has meant that my appetite has been almost non-existent. This is good in a way, as I haven't felt any urge to pig out at all - but it also means, when I DO eat, its not because I'm hungry so much as because I know I should eat something. I've been warned of the perils of starving oneself, and don't want to do that, but it feels like you're cheating when you eat, despite not being hungry! Very unusual.

I've also somehow come down with a bit of a cough and sore throat. I have no idea if this is related to the sudden change in my diet, or the reduced amount of food that I'm eating, but it has also proved useful for my weight loss. It means I don't really want to eat unless I have to (and definitely don't want anything scratchy, like crisps or chips). I've also been drinking an awful lot of water, to help soothe the coughing, and this also has made me feel quite good. I used to knock back several espressos every day, trying to wake myself up out of the cloudy-minded stupor I seemed to sink into all too often. The caffeine rarely worked (I have in fact almost completely given it up now), but it is amazing to me the difference that being properly hydrated makes. Water really is a miracle substance. I can't stress it enough - DRINK ENOUGH WATER! It works wonders.

So that's about it. Besides setting up this blog, and focussing on my weight loss, I haven't really achieved anything else this week. I had mighty plans about revising months worth of material...but watching old episodes of Lost counts for something, right? Right?

Here's hoping the results for this week are even half-way as good as last week's. DROP BY TOMORROW TO FIND OUT!

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