Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2 - RESULTS

The results are in - how did we do?

STARTING WEIGHT:   289.6 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  281.0 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  8.6 lbs

My first reaction on getting this result wasn't joy so much as concern. When I worked out my target weight for each week, it represented a gradual weight loss right through to September. I am now running nearly 10 lbs ahead of this schedule, and my biggest fear on setting out on this weight loss program has been to end up with sheets of baggy skin hanging off me at the end.

But then I looked on the bright side. The weight loss is bound to slow down after this initial blitz phase, and ahead of me I foresee the long months of blessing each individual pound dropped. Its great to have dropped so much so quickly - its the best possible of starts. I just have to try and hold on to how good this feels in later months, when my rate of loss is a fraction of what we've seen this past fortnight.

And for that fortnight, the running tally is as follows:

16.1 lbs

And as before, here are the pics. Still no obvious difference, but it will come - it will definitely come!

 281.0 lbs

281.0 lbs

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