Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 12 - RESULTS

A day late, but its time to record last week's achievements!

STARTING WEIGHT:   254.0 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  252.1 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  1.9 lbs

First of all, apologies for bringing this weigh-in a day later than usual. As I mentioned in an early post, I had my first exam on Monday, first thing in the morning, so weighing, photographing and blogging weren't exactly at the forefront of my mind! Don't think the exam went too badly though (although could certainly have been better), so we'll see.

I did weigh yesterday afternoon and recorded a loss, but as that weigh-in was after breakfast, and a stupid number of Red Bulls after pulling an all-nighter cramming session, I decided to use my weigh this morning as the weekly tally, and steal a day from next week's weigh-in.

Quite pleased with the loss this week. Although its less than my weekly target, it comes after two very good weeks indeed, so I expected to see a smaller result after the larger losses there. In fact, I wanted to see a smaller loss - I'd get nervous if the weight was dropping off too fast, as that probably wouldn't be sustainable. Overall, very satisfied indeed (especially after the odd weight pattern I reported in my previous post).

I am now almost exactly 18 stone, so as long as I see a loss next week, I should be into the 17s! That will be fantastic. I've already told how 18.5 stone was my usual 'heavy' weight, but when I was younger (and lighter, albeit still overweight), my usual weight was always 16 stone. To be into the 17-stone range would finally bring that magic area back into realistic reach, so to get out of the 18-stone bracket, and into the 17s, would be a massive confidence boost.

And speaking of confidence boosts - I GOT MY FIRST COMPLIMENTS! I wore a shirt for the exam that hasn't fitted for ages (great in and of itself), and three separate people all commented on how 'dapper' and 'swish' I looked. Made me feel like a million bucks! Of course, nobody has yet uttered the golden "you look like you've lost weight", but I was still over the moon.

Next week will be the end of the third month of weight loss, so I'll be posting up my comparison photos again then. For now though, here's my regular total tally, and the ever-shrinking photos!


252.1 lbs

252.1 lbs



  1. Wow you're doing so well, consistently kicking goals! The compliments are awesome aren't they! And you know what some people hand out the various versions of 'you look great' because they're nit sure if they should say 'you've list weight'. Well, that's my experience.

  2. Hey, found your blog and I just wanted to say that you're doing amazing! I'll let you into a little secret: hardly any WL bloggers do as well as you. Anyway, 12 weeks in a row of losses, I'm on 12 weeks as well (although I don't do a weekly weigh-in on my blog). I hope you're proud of what you've achieved so far.

  3. Cheers for the comments guys! I think you're right about the comments actually, especially since I'm a guy - can't imagine my mates coming over and cooing over how much slimmer I look, lol!

    And I am definitely proud of my achievements so far - sometimes I have to stop the self-congratulations, and remind myself how much more weight I still have to lose! Not often though, as I know that, having started at such a high weight, it was always going to be easier at the beginning than towards the end. I've enjoyed the rate of weight loss so far, but know its going to slow up as I reach my target weight!