Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 13 - RESULTS

A week of only six days, thanks to my late weigh-in last week, and with several mini-targets looming...which, if any, did I pass?

STARTING WEIGHT:   252.1 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  247.5 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  4.6 lbs

To start, I have to focus on the big target that I didn't reach this week - the still-unattained 50% mark. I came ridiculously close - only 0.6 lbs above the necessary weight. I really went for it too, and perhaps exercised and dieted more this week than I would usually. But no cigar - and I don't really mind, to be honest.

If I look at my weight-loss over the last 7 days, it actually stands at 6lbs - my biggest weekly loss since the first two weeks of this attempt. I probably could have done that little bit more, and made 50% this week, but with such a heavy drop in weight, I don't know that it would have been sustainable. It would be awful to reach 50% by starving myself, and then see the weight all pile right back on again. As it stands, I only have to lose 0.6lbs next week to reach 50%, and to be honest, that is my only target for next week - anything else is just a bonus!

But enough of what I didn't manage - let's look at what I did achieve! 

- Into the 240s. My 'three-weeks-per-10-lbs' pattern continues, as I am now into the (high) 240s. This isn't so much a specific target that I aim for, but I find it is a good indicator of whether my weight-loss is maintained, or is slowing. I expected the rate of loss to drop once I passed 18.5 stone, but so far its falling away at a similar rate to before. Long may it continue!

- Into the 17-stone bracket. For a man of my height, a normal BMI will be reached between about 12 and 14 stone. When I was younger, I usually averaged 16 stone, and as an adult (before last year's rapid gain), I averaged about 18.5 stone. As such, I've been wanting to get into the 17-stone range for a while, so that I'm no longer losing 'new' weight that I put on last year, but rather 'old' weight that I have carried for nigh on a decade, and almost take for granted. I am now slimmer than I've been in years (literally), and to finally be here - well, its great, but I don't intend to stay here for long. Onward and downward!

- Over 3.5 stone, and 15% body weight dropped. To think that there is 15% less of me than when I started is...a strange concept to wrap your head around really. Where did I go? Sometimes I try to visualise it - 50lbs of me, pounded away onto the London streets. Still a long way to go though!

- Closing in on an 'Overweight' BMI. If I do manage to reach the 50% mark this coming week, I will then be within 10lbs of an 'Overweight' BMI. It's strange - having lost so much weight, I already feel like a winner, already feel like I look good. I have to remind myself that, according to my BMI, I'm still obese! It's hard to image what I will look like after losing another 50lbs, but I can't wait to find out!

Anyway, here's hoping I make 50% next week. I have an exam on Friday, and then I'm visiting home on Saturday, with the promise of a night out at an Indian restaurant. My plan is to try as best I can between now and Friday, shift as much weight as possible, and then enjoy myself on Saturday night. I only need 0.6 lbs!

Here's my usual total tally, and as I have now been doing this for three months, I have included the 'before' pics alongside today's, so that we can compare!


247.5 lbs

 247.5 lbs

 Also, just for a change (and to make this post even longer), Here are the photos from the start, followed by the three monthly comparisons, to give an idea of my progress to date. (click on the pictures to expand)

 Almost 50lbs lost here, but I don't think the photos really show it from this angle yet. Guess we'll see some changes to this view once we move into the final 50lbs! That said, a slightly less wide silhouette, and the folds seem narrower under my arms. Also is it just my imagination, or are my nipples closer together? Man-boobs, away!

 This has always been the best view to see my weight-loss. Belly has been moving in, and down. Chubby crease behind my arm slowly receding too. Still got a big old crease below my belly button though - can't wait for that to disappear!

Anyway, that's enough from me. 50% here I come! 


  1. Man you're so dedicated. You've lost a hell of a lot of weight. Keep at it man.

  2. Great loss!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. You are a weight loss machine! You can really see the difference in your photos, like watching a balloon let out all it's air. You are doing a fantastic job. You will see that tummy crease disappear soon (I'm still waiting for mine to vamoose!).

  4. Lol, I love that analogy - my body's deflating, but my confidence is soaring! Thanks again for all the support guys - have to say, was MIGHTILY pleased with my weigh-in this morning...don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched, but as long as I don't pile on the weight again by next Monday, might have a happy announcement to make next week!