Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 15 - RESULTS

A busy week for me, where I haven't been able to focus as much on my dieting, so how has that affected my weight loss?

STARTING WEIGHT:   246.1 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  245.8 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  0.3 lbs

Apologies to my regular readers for the lack of posting recently. After my exam the week before last, I have had lectures all last week and this, and what with that and several visits home, blogging hasn't been the first thing on my mind.

And neither has my weight loss. I think a combination of less free time, and the injury I sustained to my leg, both meant I haven't been for my runs in a few weeks. Visiting home the last two weekends has meant I have been eating more that usual, and not the same foods I usually eat on my diet. Lack of exercise and increased calorie intake have meant I've struggled to maintain even a level weight, let alone a loss. The weight-loss recorded above was the best I could manage after several weighs this morning, some of which actually recorded a gain. I went for the lowest one though (although some might say that's cheating), as that was the best way to keep up my enthusiasm. If tomorrow's weigh-in is a high one, I know I'll now work harder this week to shift the pounds, to make sure I earn the small loss I have taken for this week.

The good news is my leg is feeling better, so I'm going to risk a run tomorrow. I'm also back home and the fridge is stocked with my usual dieting foods, so I can make a good effort on it this week. The bad news is I have my cousin's stag night this weekend, so I face my third weekend in a row away from home, and so away from my controlled environment and 'safe zone', where I am able to diet effectively. My willpower and enthusiasm both seem to vanish when I'm away from my flat, and I find myself eating things I wouldn't normally, without the ability to stop myself. I don't really know why that is, but I'm determined to be more controlled this Saturday night, and not have yet another weekend of undoing all my good work.

This is now my third week in the 240's, and I'm still in the relatively high 240's, so I definitely expect my pattern of 3-weeks-per-10-pounds to end next Monday. I knew it had to at some point, as my rate of weight-loss slowed, but a part of me feels I could have recorded better losses in the last two weeks if I'd had some more self-control, which is infuriating. Still, I am in no way giving up, and I'm still greedy for the weight-loss, so I just have to make the effort tomorrow to diet well, and start exercising again. Once I'm back in that groove, I am confident I will be right back on track.

I had a mad rush preparing for lectures this morning so couldn't take my photos, so I will update this post tomorrow with the new snaps. Until then, here is my total tally, as usual.


245.8 lbs

245.8 lbs


  1. don't worry about the weight loss stalling. you are still doing an amazing job. Keep at it and don't give up!

  2. Hi, new follower to your blog. Saw your post on WIDTH. I still need to send one in. It looks like you've made some great progress, kudos to you and best of luck with your continued success! I have a blog too if you want to check it out.