Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 15 So Far...

After the excitement of reaching the half-way mark, I'd rather hoped that this week could be a bit more relaxed. A week where I didn't have to worry about scoring a great loss, but could put my feet up and have a couple of days where I don't have to think about pounds and calories and miles.

No chance.

Firstly, I had another 'Tuesday Bounce'. I think its probably because I eat less on Sunday night (as I have a weigh-in next morning), and I eat more Monday evening (as a 'reward' for a good weigh-in). I don't usually exercise on Monday's either, and I think these all add up to cause the bounce.

This week's bounce was especially bad, as I went to visit my Dad at the weekend, and he drove me home on Sunday with a bag full of food shopping. It was a lovely gesture, and the worst thing possible - chocolate, Pringles, cake, fizzy drinks... it was all there. It scares me that so many people live like that, that a shopping bag filled with stuff like THAT could ever be considered 'just the essentials'. Some of it I threw out immediately, but some of it I 'treated' myself to on Monday. The good news is I didn't enjoy it, and I was really gassy afterwards which means I'll avoid it in the future. But it meant my bounce was bad.

I've also hurt my hip, possibly by sleeping on the fold-down bed at my Dad's this weekend, which means I haven't been for a run in a while. I'm not sleeping as well as I would like, possibly because I'm not getting in my exercise, so I can't wait for my leg to get better!

Tough few week's ahead in terms of temptation too. As I mentioned, I was at my Dad's this weekend past. Next weekend I'm going down to visit my Mum. The weekend after that, I'm off out for my cousin's stag night! All this while I'm meant to be revising for my exams!

I'm getting measured up in a few weeks too, for the suit for my brother's wedding. Glad I've lost as much weight as I have, but the wedding isn't for three months, so I plan on losing a few stone more between now and then! Might have to politely ask the manager if they could possibly have a few smaller sizes standing by...


  1. with they way you are going... it would be a very good idea to have smaller sizes on hand!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. I know what you mean about the bounce. Mine usually happens on Sunday, since Saturday is usually my pre-designated cheat day. I normally see the numbers level out by Friday, just in time to bounce again. I'm pretty sure eliminating my cheat day would help stabilize the numbers, but honestly my cheat day keeps me motivated to stick with it during the week.

    And i laughed about your suit fitting situation because a few months ago I had that same dilemma. I was part of the wedding party and I tried my dress on in January, then when the wedding rolled around in March I had lost 15ish lbs and was a size or two smaller then my dress! Luckily I am handy with a sewing machine so I was able to fix it by myself. Luckily for men the pants and vests are adjustable so as long as they fit you in the shoulders for your jacket you should be good. Just make sure a week or two before the wedding you try it on, so if you need adjustments they have time to make them.

  3. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the Stylish blogger award, I'll put up a post related to it in the next week hopefully. Glad to see you're still losing, and past half-way. I know I've said it before, but it's rare to see a weight loss blogger lose so successfully.