Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 16 - RESULTS

This week has come round a lot quicker than I expected - did I remember to lose any weight?

STARTING WEIGHT:   245.8 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  243.6 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  2.2 lbs

Better. Much better than the previous two weeks. Still a bit below my weekly target, but then I did say any weight loss this week would be welcome, as I've had a lot on.
The last three weeks have been small on the weight-loss front, but big on distractions. I have only managed to run once in that period due to my injury (which luckily seems all better now, and I'm determined to go out for one tonight). I've had an exam and lectures, which always lead to late nights (and Red Bulls) or mad dashes in the morning (and forgetting lunches, so eating out). I've also had to visit home each of the last three weekends, and as I've mentioned before, I really struggle to watch my eating when I'm away from my room.

All in all, I haven't been behaving myself. There has been too much "I'll try running tomorrow," and not enough running. Too much "I'll just eat this rather than go shopping," and not enough dieting. I've been lucky to see the losses I have over the last three weeks - my daily weigh-ins have been fluctuating so much, that had I ended the week on Friday, I would have showed my first gain.

Luckily, my timetable is more or less back to normal now. I'm on revision break, so I don't have any reason to leave the house except to shop or exercise. I have more free time to fit in my exercising. I'm determined to get back on the wagon this week, and start seeing a maintained loss, rather than a nervous diet at the weekend to try and drop the gained weight.

My pattern of three-weeks-per-10lbs has been broken now, so my rate of weight loss has definitely slowed. How much of that is just a natural rate reduction, and how much my lack of exercise, I'm not sure. I would love to be into the 230's by next week's weigh-in, especially as its a month-end weigh-in, but that would necessitate a rather larger loss this coming week than I have managed in a while.

We shall see!

Here's my tally to date, and then the photos. As next week is my month-end, I'll be posting up the comparison pictures then!


243.6 lbs

243.6 lbs

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  1. I think you can be in the 230s by next week - just set your mind to it! Plan on going hard this week!! ;)