Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 16 So Far...

 Time to get back on the wagon!

I think the dreaded reduction in rate of weight-loss, the one I have been expecting for so long, has finally come.

Well, I say dreaded - I absolutely know that the speed I was losing weight before was really good. Some weeks were crazy-good, far more than my weekly target, but others were smaller, so it averaged out nicely at just over the rate I wanted to shift the pounds.

That's all changed now though. I am currently still at a loss for the week so far, but its a lot less than I could previously manage. If I keep seeing smaller losses (ones that are actually below my weekly target), I might have to re-evaluate my diet and exercise.

And to be honest, that won't be hard, as I haven't been as diligent as usual the last couple of weeks. I have had two visits home, which always puts a dent in my dieting, and an injury prevented me from exercising in that time. I guess I should be pleased I saw any loss at all over the last fortnight!

Things are looking up now though. I have a stag party for my cousin tomorrow, but I am determined not to drink too much or be talked into eating greasy foods. I also went for a run on Wednesday night, my first for about 20 days, and I managed my usual distance in about my usual time, so the exercise hiatus doesn't seem to have set me back. Next week I will make sure I get back on the wagon, diet and exercise-wise, but will accept any loss I get for this week.

Also, we had a service of thanksgiving today, for the families of those who donated their bodies to us medical students to learn from. It was a really nice affair, and I dressed up in a three-piece suit for the occasion. (Partly out of respect, and partly out of joy that I can actually get into the waistcoat/vest again!) Imagine my excitement when not one, but TWO young ladies from my course came over to comment on how much slimmer I was looking - they even patted my belly, to make sure it wasn't a clothing-induced illusion! Part of me wanted to say "I'm barely half-way, you ain't seen nothing yet!", but I think I'll wait and let my future weight-loss speak for itself.

As I've mentioned before, I'm also being measured tomorrow for the suit I'll be wearing to my brother's wedding. In September. 12 weeks, and therefore potentially 25+ pounds away. There will be much sucking-in of bellies, I can assure you!


  1. It happens to everyone sooner or later. You've done a great job so far, zero rebounds so you don't have to lose the same piece of fat twice. Just hang in there, you're roughly halfway so it shouldn't be too long until you reach goal.

  2. Oh that's tough, but at least you still see a loss!!