Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dropping Anonymity - Progress Pics!

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my last few 'confessional' posts - it felt really good to let everything out, and was also great to discover other people who went through similar situations. I'm feeling really refreshed with the whole weight-loss malarkey now, almost as though I've got a fresh start, and can't wait for my official weigh-in tomorrow!

I wanted to end this week on a different note to my last few posts, as they have been 'downers' in a sense, and don't really reflect the new enthusiasm I have for this weight loss program. They have been all about looking back, and reflecting on past mistakes and attitudes, but now is the time to look forward, especially as I am into the latter half of my weight-loss journey.

As such, I began to think about the day I will reach my goal weight, and what I had planned for that special occasion. Readers will know that I take two photos every week, and my intention has always been to collect them, and once I reach my goal weight run them all together into a kind of time-lapse video, so I can literally watch myself fading away in a couple of minutes!

Thing is, I actually take three photos a week, and the third one (which I don't post up here) is a head shot.

When I started this blog, it was to make myself accountable in my weight-loss attempt. I believed that if other people were reading about my journey, waiting to see how I'd done, I might have a better chance at success. I decided to keep the blog anonymous, however, on the off-chance that family or friends somehow came across it, as that would have embarrassed me.

But I really feel now that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Yes, I'm still heavily overweight, but look how far I've come! Look how much I've lost! I ought to be owning these achievements, not hiding behind a mask of anonymity. As such, I have decided to share the missing progress pictures with you.

First up is the picture of me taken on the very first day of this program, way back in February.

And here is a picture of me taken yesterday, 61 lbs lighter!

To be honest, I still don't really see much of a difference weight-wise, unless perhaps a reduced sag under the chin. But there is definitely a big change in there - I just look so TIRED in the first pic, and my eyes seem so dull. It is absolutely true that I feel much more vital, more alive, then I ever did at my heaviest weight. And obviously, I couldn't quite muster a smile back then either...

Anyway, I wanted to do that as a way of claiming ownership of both my achievements and my mistakes so far on this program, and stop hiding behind my anonymous Headspace tag - my real name is Marc! Business as usual will be restored to this blog now that the emotional spring cleaning has been carried out, starting tomorrow, with what I hope will be a really good weigh-in. See you then!


  1. First off, I generally appreciate the usage of the word "malarkey." Kudos...

    Second, I most DEFINITELY see a huge difference in your before and after face pic. So look harder!

    I'm glad you're feeling proud of yourself. You have done a lot of hardwork and deserve to bask in your accomplishment for a bit.

    Off to blog- I will be linking to you in my post today.

  2. Woh - I TOTALLY see a difference. Yes, in your whole "look" I mean, you look so ALIVE in your second pic, but I also see the weight difference. Rock on!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you don't see much of a difference, I see a totally different man! Look at how much more definition you have in your face, your eyes look completely different...really, you look like you're really experiencing life! Awesome :-)
    I'm also really pleased to hear you are feeling pride in your achievements, you absolutely should, you have a lot to be proud of.

  4. I just found your blog yesterday and I took the time this morning to read through the whole thing. You've done VERY well in a short amount of time and I'm enjoying your blog. We need more guys doing this! :) PS: It's nice to have a face to go with the body shots.

  5. Goodness, well done for reading through it all, I'm not sure even I would manage that! Lovely to have another reader, thank you!

  6. I agree with everyone here! You have a big change in your face! Part IS due to the expression but a big part is the loss too!
    You should be so proud of the accomplishments you have made-- I don't 'know' you and I am!!! Keep it up and please keep the pics coming!

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  9. Marc, there is a wonderful change that happened between the two pictures! You really did seem to come 'alive' in the second pic! You have made so much progress, this was a wonderful post for both you and your readers. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been catching up on random posts and links to posts from your tabs - so you probably find totally random comments from me on old posts. Your story is so incredible and your writing is top notch! Love it! ;) Congrats on completing the housekeeping issues and moving forward, that's all we can do sometimes.