Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 19 - RESULTS

After a really satisfying week, where I feel I've successfully got back on the wagon, how do the scales read?

STARTING WEIGHT:   237.5 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  235.2 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  2.3 lbs

I'm really happy with the result this week. Granted, its still just under my weekly target, but I know I have earned every ounce of weight dropped, without a panicked starvation over the weekend just to bag a loss.

In fact, the achievement is more than this result shows, as by Wednesday my weight had actually gone up 4 whole pounds. That shock led to me doing a serious re-evaluation, and making my 'confessional' posts below, which so many of you have been kind enough to comment on. Since then, I managed to drop that gain and earn a loss too, so very happy, and looking forward to sticking with the new regime into this coming week.

So, what milestones have I passed with this weigh-in? I finally got my loss beyond the 60lb mark, which is great, and have actually now lost 20% of my total body weight since the start of this program. But the biggest achievement, which blows all others out of the water, is:


Haha ok, so my BMI is now 29.79, so rounded up is still 30, but just to see that 29 at the front makes me feel amazing. I think I have been obese without pause since early 2004, so it definitely turns the clocks back on that front! I don't EVER want to pass that 30 mark again. These next few weeks will be crucial, as I'm cramming like mad for my exams next week, and shortly after that I have my holiday abroad, and both those things could tempt me to over-eat. I mustn't let myself lose this achievement. The only way is DOWN!

61.9 lbs

235.5 lbs

235.2 lbs


  1. Absolutely phenomenal work! And getting out of the "obese" catagory is the cherry on top of your fantastic week. Well done!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! That is a huge success. Say goodbye to that category FOREVER. Focus on your success and all of the positive things you have going for you. You, my friend, are amazing - so inspired right now! Congrats again!

  3. Great going. At first I was surprised to see man chest in my read feed. Looking good. I like how when we are losing many add that it is Forever. and it is.

  4. Congratulations on 19 weeks! I 'only' managed 18 before a gain. It would be fair to say that your loss so far is extraordinary. I'm so pleased that there is someone out there in blogland whose weight loss would be considered 'perfect'.

  5. Congratulations on reaching the "overweight" category! I'm teetering on the edge of that accomplishment myself! I just found your blog thru another blogger and I find your posts refreshing and real!

  6. So proud of you!! You are looking GREAT!

  7. great job man, you're really doing great