Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Different Kind of Comparison...

I finally allowed myself back onto Facebook this weekend - partly because my exams are over and I don't need to worry about distractions, and partly because I'm feeling much more confident and 'at peace' with myself, and no longer feel the need to hide from the world.

What struck me instantly were two photos I had been tagged in during my absence. One was taken around January/February time, just before I started my weight loss. The other was from my cousin's wedding, which was the second week of July.

Just before I started my weight loss.

Taken about a month ago.

I've written before about how, sometimes, it can be hard to see your own progress, because its gradual, and you see yourself every day, so there's no sudden before-and-after moment. But looking at these two pics, I actually sat back in my chair and wondered, "how on earth did I do that?"

I wish these pics were from the same angle, so I could really compare them. None the less, I'm feeling really happy with what I've done thus far. The past 4 weeks have been the worst month so far in terms of pounds lost, but that also holds true in terms of effort put in, so I'm willing to accept any weigh-in tomorrow morning...then I can crack on with losing some more weight!


  1. Wow! I'm really glad you can see it, our minds can really mess up perception at times. You look so much younger in the second photo too :-) Enjoy it, you've earned it!

  2. I deactivated my Facebook account two weeks ago because I was bored with reading people's status updates.... "strawberry oatmeal for breakfast" or "saw a bird perched on my clothesline this morning"... Really? I started by just 'unfriending' a bunch of annoying people, but thought that was taking too much time so just did away with the whole thing. Like you, I will probably go crawling back though. Ha. Wow, that was my random rambling at its finest!

    Anyhow, way more imporantly - congrats! You look amazing. You will be fighting the pretty girls off with a stick!! ;) You have such a baby face in the second pic, it's so cute and you look SO much more comfortable. Your hard work has paid off, now keep going and get to your goal!