Thursday, August 11, 2011


Since...gosh, technically since about the end of April, but really since mid-May, weight loss has not been my top priority. First I had revision for my exams. Then the exams themselves. Then I went on holiday. Then I went away again for my brother's stag. There seems to have always been something more important for me to focus on, or something that meant I was away from home, and out of my 'safe zone'.

All in all, several months have shot by, and I haven't been as dedicated to my weight-loss as I should have been. Of course, there were bursts of activity, and a few really good losses in that time period. But generally speaking, I was 'making do', relying on a calorie deficit to shift some weight, plus the occasional run.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining though, as I have continued to see losses. This post isn't to record disappointment at all, rather my excitement that now, with everything finished, I have a chance to really get back into my weight-loss mindset.

But its proving really difficult! I've been eating a lot more in the last few weeks, and foods I was tending to avoid while on my diet. That means I'm now feeling old cravings for gorge-sessions I haven't felt in a while, and my old dieting menu is looking very scant and unappetising. I also haven't been for a run in ages, and now I have a bit of a chesty cough, which I used as an excuse this morning not to go out and get it done.

I almost feel like I'm right back at the beginning of this program (mentally, not physically!) - constantly psyching myself up, getting ready for the 'big start' tomorrow, but forever putting it off. Never actually making the plunge back into the dieting mindset.

I guess that's not entirely a bad thing - actually, I almost feel like this is a fresh start, like I'm beginning all over again...but this time about 70lbs lighter than previously!

I think I'm going to ease myself into it for a little longer - start cutting back calories and doing my stretches up until Monday's weigh-in - and then take Monday as the start of the 'new' phase of my program. I'm really excited about it: three whole weeks before my brother's wedding, with nothing to think about except dieting and exercise. Bliss!

As long as I actually DO it...


  1. it's ok, don't worry man, losing weight gets harder when we have less to lose :)

  2. I've heard that everyone gets to a point where they have carved away such a large percentage of their planned weight loss that they really find it hard to shave off the small remainder. I'm certain you'll do it, you've smashed through it so far, you'll smash through to the end :-)