Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London's Burning!

Hello folks! Remember me?

Apologies for the dearth of posts over the last few weeks. As I've already mentioned, I went on holiday at the end of last month, and this past weekend was my brother's stag party.

It was good fun actually - we went back to some of our old haunts in Belgium, which was a nice trip down memory lane. There was, however, a lot of drinking involved, and that inevitably (well, inevitably in MY case) leads to late night gorging on terrible fast food.

How has that affected my weight? Well, to be honest, I have no idea! My brother drove me straight down to my Mum's when we got back to UK, and I've been there until this afternoon. London didn't seem like the most pleasant place to be over the last few days, so it made sense to hang out at my folks for a while! Luckily there hasn't been any trouble in my neighbourhood.

All in all, I've had quite a busy, but a fun, few weeks since my results came out. There are positives and negatives, however...

NEGATIVES: The holiday and the stag party have meant I've been away from home, and therefore out of my 'comfort zone', where I control what I eat, and when. By and large I've been OK on the food front, but not as careful as I ought to have been. Haven't been doing my regular exercise either (although I've hardly been idle!).
The biggest problem, however, is that I have once again missed a weigh-in. I was at my Mum's on Monday, and without my scales, so I couldn't do a weigh-in. That means next Monday's result will be for 2 weeks instead of one. In principle that's not a problem - its still an accurate measurement, after all. But it means I have no idea of the ups and downs my weight might be taking. Also, I have no idea today if I am down 7lbs, up 7lbs, or exactly the same as my last weigh. Its unsettling, being so ill-informed!

POSITIVES: I have over three week's now until my next commitment (namely, my brother's actual wedding). That means I have nothing to do, and can focus entirely on my diet, and getting back into exercise. I do feel as though, in the revision period in the run-up to exams, that I lost my focus on the weight-loss. Fortunately the scale kept going down, but not as much as I'm sure it could have done. I have also struggled to get back into the weight-loss mindset since exams finished. I want to make the most of August, and really get back into my weight-loss groove. It would be nice to lose maybe another 10lbs before the wedding, but any drop will be welcome!

Anyway, I am now back in business for the near future, which is all good stuff. I need to get an early night now, as my eyelids are drooping as I type, but I promise I will make an attempt to go through all your blogs tomorrow morning, and catch up on what I've missed!


  1. have you ever tried boxing? or other martial art? it will make you lose weight and release stress!

  2. Welcome back. Be safe. The news from London looks scary with all the fires.