Sunday, September 25, 2011

(A Very Late) Week 30 - RESULTS

Again, apologies for taking so long to post the results from the week just gone! I shall explain why, but first, how did I do?

STARTING WEIGHT:   228.9 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  228.4 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    0.5 lbs

I had actually achieved a bigger loss than this by the Friday, but as it was my first week back at University since the summer break, my weekend was full of reunions and parties and gatherings, and I partook rather more heavily than I should have done. Still, a loss is a loss, and I am finally moving in the right direction again!

So why did it take me almost a week to post these results? They should have gone up on Monday, and tomorrow I'll be posting the results from THIS week.

The simple answer is, I've been insanely busy! I know that sometimes, when one of us weight-loss bloggers stops posting, it means they've fallen off the wagon for a while, and don't want to post any more. Let me just reassure everyone that this is not the case with me!
I've mentioned before that I am currently a medical student. I have now entered my third year, which is the start of my clinical rotations, so I am no longer stuck in a lecture theatre all day, but a real-life operating theatre instead! And wards, and clinics, and labs...honestly, I've gone from spending every waking hour sat in a small lumpy seat being lectured to, to striding around hospital all day, frantically scribbling notes and examining patients! We have to keep some pretty intense hours, which has meant that when I get home, I have pretty much gone straight to bed, hence the massive delay in posting. But still, being on my feet all day has been good for my weight!
Not only that; the hospital I am based at for the moment is just over two miles from where I live, and last week I managed to walk there and back each and every day. That means I got 21 miles of walking under my belt, before we add on the miles I must have covered stalking the hospital wards with my stethoscope! It feels really good to be living an active lifestyle, and earning my sleep - before, I would sleep because the clock told me it was bedtime, but these days I sleep like a log!

All this activity was really having a good effect on my weight, but I'm afraid this weekend I stumbled again. Not badly - I've been doing this for so long that eating well has generally become second nature. But all us medics gathered at the pub again on Friday to celebrate our first successful clinical week, and the drinks led to a massive late-night kebab. And the next day, a hangover led to a massive McDonald's binge...still, I am certain I will record another loss tomorrow morning, and be well on my way once more.

I hardly seem to have posted on this blog over the last few weeks. To be honest, I had sort of forgotten about it - the blog was always to help me stay motivated with my weight loss at the start, and make sure I didn't give up. These days, I don't feel as though I need any boost to my motivation, so it was almost as though I no longer needed this blog. But writing this has reminded me how much fun it was, and how rewarding. I promise I shall be better with my posting from now on! I want you all to know as soon as I reach my goal weight, which hopefully won't be too much longer!
Last Thursday was also the 7-month anniversary of this blog and my weight-loss attempt, so I will be posting my comparison photos again for all to see when I weigh in tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that last month showed a net gain, after the festivities around my brother's wedding, but no matter. Next month will surely be a doozy! Until then, let me just say thanks for sticking with me over my less-than-inspiring month these past four weeks, and please do stick around to see just how much farther along this path I can drive in the next four!

68.7 lbs


  1. Well, weight loss blogs are meant to have an ending like anything else. You are very close to yours being a happy ending! Just 30 pounds to go for your goal.

    As far as when you get to your goal, based on recent weeks - are you concerned about maintenance? I've read that maintenance is more challenging than the actual loss. You lose for about 1-2 years and then you have to maintain for the rest of your life, yikes?!

    As far as the academic pursuit, wow! That is amazing and you are getting the real experience now!! That should make it more interesting, challenging and rewarding, huh? Way to go on walking to and from the site, you're going to put a lot of miles on this semester!

  2. I have wondered a bit about maintenance, especially after seeing how easily I can regain weight! The thing is, my target weight as it stands will give me a BMI of 24.9, only just into the 'normal' range. when I get there I won't stop completely, but gradually up my calories, hopefully still losing a little more weight at first, until I reach a balance where I neither lose or gain. Also, at some point post-target I plan to start doing some weights and try to gain a little more muscle, which bizarrely means I'll probably have to eat EXCESS calories! It's going to be a real balancing act, but still, its a bridge I can't wait to try and cross when I get there!