Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 29 - RESULTS

First of all, apologies for taking so long to make this post!

After my last post, I had to head off to the north of England for my brother's wedding. After that I spent a few days at home with my folks. When I finally returned to London, the Rugby World Cup had just started, so I found myself staying awake all night so I could watch the games live from New Zealand. And then, this Monday, was my first day back at university!

I'd previously mentioned that, as this Monday was a fresh start academically, I was also going to use it as a fresh start for the weight loss. However, everyone decided to head out on the town after our lectures, to swap summer stories, and one drink led to, as you can perhaps imagine, it was hard enough getting out of bed in the morning, never mind catching up with my blogging.

But ANYWAY. Time to find out how the wedding, buffet, home cooking, family meals, lazy days and far too much alcohol have affected my weight over the last two weeks. Can you guess? It ain't pretty...

STARTING WEIGHT:   225.2 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  228.9 lbs

WEIGHT GAIN:  3.7 lbs

No more than I expected, or deserve. I did no exercise, and allowed myself a few days off my diet during the wedding, so that I could have fun.

But since know what the problem was? Its exactly as I feared in my last post. Because I'd decided that this Monday was my 'fresh start', the time leading up to then didn't seem to count. I had about two weeks between the wedding and 'the new beginning' on Monday, and there was a part of my brain that instantly said "this is free time, eat as much as you like!"

And my, how I did! A lot of it made me feel quite ill, or bloated, or gassy, and I have no real desire to eat like that again, so in one sense the binge has served a purpose. But that's two gains on the trot now, and both quite substantial ones. I have had to yield my '70lbs lost' achievement too, which I'm not happy with.

BUT - as I've said, this is my fresh start. I've been very good this week (except for all the Monday night alcohol, but luckily it didn't lead to a Monday night kebab!). I'm also back in lessons now, so no more days spent in bed doing nothing!

I'm going to try and post more now my days have structure again, and I have a lot of catching up to do with all your blogs! But for now, all that remains is for me to record my weight loss so far...

68.2 lbs


  1. Hope you successfully get back to losing weight again. Good luck. :)

  2. What, no half naked pic? That's the only reason I visit your blog. LOL, of course I'm kidding and I'm also under the influence of cold medicine so I can type what I want!

    Dude, you're at 70 pounds lost, you're not at 70 pounds lost, you're close to 70 pounds lost, you're not so close to 70 pounds lost. I'm confused. Just get there and stay there, would ya? Then, get to 75 pounds lost, mkay?!

    Now you know what works (the months before these ones) and what doesn't work (these most recent months).... make smart choices, set your concrete goals and projections like you were before and I bet you will be back to success in no time. Best wishes, in the weight loss front and also in your academic pursuits! Be well.

  3. Just take it all one day at a time! You have been doing awesome and will continue to do so! If we didnt have a few steps back we wouldnt enjoy the end as much... so focus on the end result!