Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 36 - RESULTS

As I mentioned in my last post, today marks a new start for me, so I almost don't care what the result was for last week. But, for old time's sake, let's see how we got on...

STARTING WEIGHT:   225.2 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  225.0 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    0.2 lbs

I predicted another small loss for this week, given my diet over the weekend, but even so, my third loss of only 0.2lbs in four weeks does rankle a little. I didn't manage to drop below 225 lbs, which I would have liked...BUT, as I said, this is the last weigh-in I'll be making under the old, apathetic, unfocussed regime. Starting today, there's a new weight-loser in town...and he's a man with a plan!

I'm so pleased to finally have settled on a new weekly target. I've reset all the formulae on my weight-loss spreadsheet (the same one I've had since the beginning of this blog, never knew I could be so tenacious!), and now the counters tell me how close I am each day to my new weekly goal. It is SUCH a motivator to see the columns all recalibrated at zero, just waiting for me to start weighing-in under the new system. Can't wait to start plugging in numbers!

Another huge motivator has come along too, quite by chance! If you look over at my 'Weight Loss Summary' column on the right, you'll see that the lowest weight I ever hit, before my summer gain, was 222.3 lbs, back in week 26 (exactly ten weeks ago, shocking!). As of today, I am still 1.7 lbs heavier than that...but of course, my new weekly target loss is 1.8 lbs. Therefore, if I can hit or exceed my new target in its inaugural week, it will officially make me the lightest I have been in years! If I can hit my new target loss by this time next week, I will finally be losing the 'old weight' again, and not just the summer gain. If that's not a motivator, I don't know what is! So how am I going to do it?

On the exercise front, last week's runs have got me back in the mood, and going early last week meant my legs have had time to get over the shock of exercising again! I aim to do at least three runs this week...and in fact I have already been for one tonight! So, only two more to go before Monday!

On the food front...I said before that I was eating healthily enough, but just not keeping track of calories etc. Part of the reason for that was, now that I'm based in hospitals rather than the University campus, I no longer have a student common room with a microwave. In the past I would make my own lunches (carefully prepared to be diet-friendly), and heat them up there. But in the hospitals I don't have access to a microwave, so was buying sandwiches or wraps from the canteen for lunch. Always the healthiest option I could find, of course, but I wasn't always keeping track of what was in them (and of course, they include more carbs than I usually like to eat). HOWEVER, I have now invested in a lovely little Thermos flask, with a wide neck perfect for food, so I prepare my lunches in the morning, and they are still nice and hot come lunchtime! (And, just to make sure I stick to it, I'm going to stop taking my wallet in with me!)

So there it is - the new plan. I really hope it works. I'm DETERMINED to make it work. I cannot WAIT to weigh-in next week, and show you all how I've done! I've totally got this one, I can taste it! ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!

71.8 lbs

 225.0 lbs

 225.0 lbs


  1. Goodness gracious, you are soooo slim. It's awesome. You must feel wonderful about your success so far, huh? I love this post! "A man with a plan" is a dangerous thing.... go get it!

  2. I will! Lol. Think I might put up another one of my superimposed before-and-after pics soon, just to remind myself of the progress I've made since I started - the last time I did one, I was twenty pounds heavier than I am now!

  3. :) The progress pic you posted today was nothing short of amazing, but you already know that. I'm glad to see you posting more often and being back in the game; although, we both know it's not a game at all. You deserve the best, most healthy and prosperous life - in every way!