Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week 37 So Far...

It's strange how quickly I've switched from not really thinking about my weight-loss, eating without worrying about calories, not bothering with exercise (or even weighing) etc etc, right back into my previous weight-loss mindset.

Having a target again is the reason. Finally, a weekly goal! I made so much about having mini-targets when I started this blog, but managed to ignore my own advice over the last few months, and was just coasting along.

You can see the effect that had by looking at the graph below, which comes from one of my weight-loss tickers at the bottom of the page. (I put them there as I don't have room at the top, wonder how many of you guys have never seen them before?)

It's not completely accurate, because when I had my gains in late August, I didn't update it (hence the sudden drop in the number of dots on the line). Strictly speaking, the plateau on the right side ought to have a spike in it, representing the gain, and then losing it again...but its still telling, don't you think? After such a nice steady drop in weight, the thing just completely levels off.

Then again, maybe that's just a part of the journey I needed to take. If I had carried on making the effort over those months, I might have burned myself out, and been unable/unwilling to get back into it when the scales started creeping up. As it is, I stopped losing weight, had a bit of a rebound gain which I have lost, but otherwise I've managed to maintain my weight quite nicely for a few months.

I find that encouraging, when I think of reaching my goal weight and entering the maintenance phase. I think it shows that my behaviour/attitude towards eating has changed. I COULD have stopped losing weight, and just regained it all, but I didn't. I have more control now. And I like it.

But we're not at maintenance yet, so for now I have to keep plodding on. Well, not plodding, as this week I've been running and dieting like in the old days again. And I love it! I never usually blog my weight unless its an official Monday weigh-in, and I won't now, but let's just say my target loss of 1.8 lbs for this week has already fallen. That's more weight dropped already this week than I have lost in the past month!

I know it only takes one slip to lose all that progress, so I'm not relaxing just yet. In fact, I'm about to go for another run! But, if I can avoid a gain for the rest of the week (and heck, if I'm honest there's no reason I shouldn't lose even more) I should be a very happy boy by Monday...


  1. Very inspiring,not just the weight loss but you're mindset as well.I think I'll concentrate on a weekly goal too and see if that helps me.x

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