Friday, November 4, 2011

My New Running Ticker!

Just a quick post this evening folks, as I'm off out very shortly.

I've added a jogging ticker to my blog, which you can see over on the right hand side, underneath my weight-loss countdowns. I realised that I had never included a proper track of my exercise on this blog before, apart from occasionally telling you when I'd done some! That, and the fact that I struggled to get back into exercise for so long before last week, led me to putting a ticker up on here, to either share my exercising success, or reveal my non-exercising if I haven't bothered, and hopefully guilt me into doing some!

I actually found this ticker over at another blog, A Mama's Goals, and very much recommend you check it out! As you can see, I've managed 12 miles so far this week, and that's three runs of 4 miles each, on Monday, Wednesday, and just now.

I think today's run is another good indication that my attitude towards exercise is back where it should be. I'm heading out tonight to visit some friends and celebrate Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night (remember, remember the...well its not the 5th yet, but we're celebrating now anyway!). I was worried that, if I ended up drinking tonight or eating their nibbles, I might see a gain in the morning, so I decided to go for a run (even though my legs were hurting), to try and counter that. In the past I would have just decided to 'write off' the day, but not anymore...that's promising!

Can't wait to weigh-in on Monday...let me just say that the old Headspace is well and truly back!

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