Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 37 - RESULTS

I've had a fantastic week, watching my food and exercising like crazy. Finally, its time to see how much of this is reflected in the scales!

STARTING WEIGHT:   225.0 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  219.9 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    5.1 lbs

Boo yah! After all these months of complaining about small losses, and the slowing rate of weight-loss, all I had to do was start exercising again, and I see my biggest weekly loss in about five months!

Obviously I'm delighted with this result, and it accomplishes several things for me:

- I have finally lost all of my summer gain, and am back to making real progress!
- I have finally left the 220's, after getting stuck here for 15 weeks...I'm into the 210's!
- Have passed the 75% progress point, more than three-quarters of the way to goal!
- Have now lost more than 5.5 stone (UK)!

There is still a hint of frustration here though. One, because I was a pound lighter by Friday, but my weekend showed a net gain. And two, because of how easy I found it to get this loss...well no, easy isn't right. Let me explain.

In the weeks before this one, I let myself accept the tiny losses of 0.2lbs a week, telling myself it was because I'd already lost so much weight, and my body just wouldn't give up fat like it had before. Thing is, I wasn't exercising for all that time, so I had no way to know if that was true. Maybe my rate had naturally slowed, or maybe it was just because I wasn't exercising. I didn't know.

Well, I know now! After running 20 miles overall last week, I have lost more weight in the last 7 days than in the previous...well, if you take my gains into account, months! And I could have done this so much sooner, and been so much further on, if only I'd got off my butt and started exercising again before now!

Ah well, I'm not going to gripe too long after such a good weigh-in, lest I tempt the gods. My target weekly loss of 1.8 lbs has been comfortably surpassed, and in fact I now have a headstart of several weeks on my aim of hitting goal weight by February 2012. I also know that I am unlikely to see this level of loss next week - this is a reaction loss, due to the sudden change from sedentary but dieting, to dieting and being extremely active. I went a bit nuts last week, trying to lose as much as possible, to give myself a real boost. I want to take this week more carefully, and make sure the loss is sustained. If I can hit my target next week too, I'll be psyched. Let's give it a go!

77.2 lbs

 219.9 lbs

 219.9 lbs


  1. Hey congratulations on breaking that small increase you had a while back. Also, you're getting close to goal. It can't be too far away now.

  2. Running 20 miles is awesome! I remember reading somewhere about a 'marathon a week', where the self-challenge was to cover 26.2 miles that week. I think someone needs to consider that, huh? :) Congrats on the loss. You really kind of rock!

  3. Great going. Wonderful loss. Looking sexier!