Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Update

Good morning bloggers!

Again, its been a long while since I last posted, but those of you who read this regularly will know why - I had the dreaded exams.

Well, good news - I passed them all!

Can't quite believe it actually. Was sickeningly stressed, and I mean that literally! So relieved now that I don't have to take any resits - genuinely do not think I would have the mental or emotional or motivational stamina for that.

The fact is, I'm a bit burned out now. As such, I have made the (perhaps slightly odd) decision not to blog over the summer. That is not to say I'm giving up on the weight loss - quite the reverse! I just got back in from a wonderful early-morning run where I smashed my personal best time!

To be honest, I could really do with a month or so with no deadlines, targets, goals, tests, challenges etc etc. It would be really good to get away from all that and just BE for a few weeks, after exams. Also, it will be interesting to eat healthily and exercise for its own sake, rather than just as a means to drop pounds to try and reach weekly targets.

So there we go. I might check in now and then if I think of something I want to say, but I'm not going to officially weigh in until the Monday when my new term/semester starts (whenever that is, sometime in September I think). By then, I will be starting a new rotation, in a new hospital, with new colleagues, and hopefully living in new accommodation too (I'm already blogging on a new laptop!). Everything will be fresh, a clean start - a good time to get over this weight-loss hump and finally hit goal, eh?


  1. YAY! on finishing exams! They are so stressful but like you said now that they are out of the way its a good time to reassess, readjust and go forward! Good luck!

  2. Congrats on passing your exams! I recall that I made a decision at university to not "grade myself" on exams because I once thought I did really badly on one exam and it turned out I got 90%. I am looking forward to hearing from you again when you've had your break.

  3. congrats on your exam passing!

  4. Exams are always so stressful, hard to focus on anything else when you have that kind of stress in your life, that's awesome, congratulations! hope you're really proud of yourself, you should be :-)

  5. Hi, just wondering how you're going.