Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Winter of my Discontent...

You know, it doesn't actually surprise me that my weight loss attempt started in a spring month. Spring is always a time of new beginnings, fresh starts etc etc.

But its more than that. Part of the reason also has to be the way I am affected by winter.

And 'affected' seems to be the operative word. I always seem to have a slump in winter, both emotionally, and energetically, and motivationally. I don't know if I would ever diagnose myself with something like Seasonal Affective Disorder, but the pattern has certainly become apparent to me over the last few years.

When I think back to last winter...that was when I put on a lot of my weight. When I first came to Med School back in August 2010, I was already overweight, around 260 lbs or so. But between then and Christmas, I had gained almost 40lbs. That's 40 lbs in about 3-4 months. And I withdrew from my friends. I stopped going to classes. I would sleep all day, only getting up to go over the shop and pick up a kebab, or some fish and chips...

Jeez, I was a mess. I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to care, about anything. That's why I say its no surprise to me that my weight loss began in spring. When I finally came out from under that winter was time to change my life!

I started to feel a bit of the old winter blues coming on again recently. It always starts slowly - first I can never seem to get enough sleep. Then deadlines and targets seem less important than they used to. Then I find myself becoming stressed, and frustrated, often for no real reason. And then, of course, I stopped blogging or weighing in for almost three weeks, and my weight-loss slowed right down...

Luckily I've noticed it this time around, and don't intend to let that grumpy old Jack Frost undo any of what I've achieved this year. I'm pleased to report that I just got in from a run, my first for about 3 weeks, but not the last this week, if things go to plan. I don't know if I'll be able to make my target weightloss for this week, but I can certainly do a little better than the 0.1lbs I got last week! Well, here's hoping, anyway!


  1. I'm glad you spotted the fact that this is a seasonal thing. Yes, we can put on so many pounds in the holiday season. So, the best thing we can do is stay with what works to keep the pounds off. I'm glad you got a run in because I'm sure you know that can elevate your mood as well. :)

  2. I really believe, just checking in with ourselves everyday can keep us on track. It's when we don't even acknowledge that we're feeling sad or discouraged or eating too much or just feeling blah, that we can backslide. I know it sounds a little "new agey" but I ask myself everyday what I'm really feeling. Isn't it great to know we ALL go through these times! I need to exercise! Karen

  3. I totally understand this and have long suffered the same thing, (but then i believe ive been genuinely depressed on and osinger decades) I'm only glad I don't still live in England I don't think I could cope with it these days. More power to you.
    You're a different man this winter and just being aware that the same feelings are creeping and fighting it with clean eating and exercise shows how far you have come. You've done so brilliantly!