Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 41 - RESULTS

OK - finally, I am up to date again!

STARTING WEIGHT:   216.8 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  216.7 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:    0.1 lbs

I was actually showing a gain for most of this week, but managed to cut back on calories just enough over the weekend to push it into a loss.

The last three weeks have been a nightmare, but finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. I had a really good day academically on Friday (which also happened to be my 27th birthday!), and got a lot of necessaries signed off, which eased the burden on me. I have a long night ahead tonight, as I have a final presentation to prepare for tomorrow morning, but after that...well, I'm STILL not done, but the last deadline is a couple of weeks away, so I can afford to finally catch up on some sleep...and some freaking exercise!

Although I've only lost a grand total of 0.3lbs over the last three weeks, I'm actually OK with that, for the following reasons:

- I've wanted to run. It isn't that I just couldn't be bothered and put it from my mind. I literally had to make a decision between going for a run and then going to bed, or staying up all night to make sure my work got done on time. Its a hell of a choice, and I think I made the right one, but I was desperate to let off some steam and hit the pavement! I should be able to head out again this week, and I can't wait!

- No massive gain! The concern was, without running, that I would pile back on all the pounds I'd lost before the deadlines kicked in. Luckily, although I did see a gain one week, I'm at a net loss. I think this bodes well for my maintenance phase - I managed to go three weeks without exercising or watching my calories, and managed to keep my weight essentially the same! Phew!

- I'm still on track! The weekly target I've got at the moment is 1.8 lbs, which will see me hit my goal weight on the 1 year anniversary of my weight loss (which I like). Obviously I've not got that loss in the last three weeks, but fortunately, my losses in the weeks before that were so far ABOVE my weekly target, that I'm actually exactly on track as of today! So, no damage done to the long-term goal.

As I say, I plan on finally getting a run in before this week is out. I don't know if it will be enough to get me to my target loss for next week, but once I'm out from under this pile of work and exercising again, I trust in my previous form, and expect the pounds to shift eventually.

Finally, before I end this post and go back to my (final!) presentation, I just wanted write about something that I've been thinking about recently.

I am so proud of what I have achieved so far. Sometimes I don't let myself feel proud, either because I'm not there yet, or I'm afraid of being arrogant and letting it slip away, but more often, I look at what I have achieved so far, and I can't quite believe it. I set a goal, worked REALLY hard, and am now well on my way to realising it.

As I've said, Friday was my 27th birthday, and I found myself thinking about the fact that my weight wasn't the only thing I was dissatisfied with in the past. As such, I have decided to try and use the lessons I have learned from my weight loss in my everyday life, to see if I can achieve the same results. The first target for this is my academic work. For too long (literally, years), I've been living what I call a 'first draft' life - leaving things too late, then rushing them the night before, and then 'making do' with that, rather than really trying my hardest. Being the best I can be. Indeed, that's why these last three weeks have been so hectic - I could have sorted it all out weeks ago!

I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle it, and of course I have to pull an all-nighter tonight, in what I really hope is my last example of cutting it fine the day before. I might be posting more about this attempt in the coming weeks - I know its not strictly about weight loss, but then again, my weight loss attempt was also about so much more than just, you know, losing weight. So, we'll see...

80.4 lbs


  1. A loss is a loss and that is good. Looking at the rest of your life is also good. Here's hoping you come up with a plan that makes everything easier on you. :)

  2. My daughter and I are on a weight loss journey also. She has lost almost 20 lbs and I've lost 5 lbs. Like you, I'm just happy I'm losing. Sometimes circumstances make the journey very difficult. I think as long as I have a plan and am following it, I'll continue to get healthier. I think it's a natural progression from food to other unhealthy things in my life. Good luck on all your endeavors and congratulations, 80 lbs is amazing!

  3. You didn't spend the entire day with academics, did you? I hope you had a great birthday. 27? You're a baby, LOL I'm pushing 30!!! ;) You're a slim, healthy and very intelligent guy in your 20's; look out, world!

  4. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it, especially when I've been a terrible member of the blogging community and neither posted or commented on your stuff for ages! I will try harder, I promise!