Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Resolution...

I know this is coming to you very late, but I did say I would let you all know what resolution I chose for 2012, so here it is!

First though, I wanted to respond to some of my readers, who asked why I would remove mention of all the weight I lost in 2011, and start afresh from zero. It was a tough call, as I am rightly proud of what I have achieved so why would I now ignore it?

The fact is, I have to do what I think will help me with my final stage of weight loss, and starting from scratch is, I think, the way to do it.

You see, I noticed towards the end of last year that my commitment to the weight-loss cause was slightly waning. It just didn't seem to have the urgency it used to. That wasn't because I was happy with my weight though - far from it!

Rather, I realised that I was somewhat 'resting on my laurels', if you will. When I had a fairly lazy week and didn't reach my weekly target, I could look back at the 70+ lbs lost and tell myself not to worry about it, as I'd already made a ton of progress. Even worse, if I had a really bad week and saw a gain, it didn't have much of an impact. Say I gained 5 lbs - the counter would still read 65lbs lost so far. 65lbs! That's loads! Why worry about it?

I don't in any way want to disown my achievements from last year, but I do think I need a little more focus for these last few pounds. And in fact, that previous sentence kind of gives away the problematic mindset I'm in. I don't WANT to think of these as the 'last few pounds', as though I've already all-but-won this battle, and am now just mopping up the leftovers. The 28lbs I still have to lose are a challenge in and of themselves, so I want to stop looking at them in the light of all the weight I've already lost, but rather tackle them as a fresh new challenge - one I haven't actually made any progress against yet.

Anyway, that was the decision-making process, and I hope I've explained it in a way that makes sense! I have made a few changes to the blog's header and the progress bar, just to try and let any new or casual readers know that progress has been made last year!

So, to the resolution! I've never had much luck with resolutions, probably because I try to come up with too many, so one inevitably slips, and then the whole 'new me' thing kind of collapses in on itself. This year, I wanted to come up with one general resolution, that I could conceivably apply to ALL aspects of my life that need more attention. And so that's what I did!

2012 Resolution - "I will not waste any more of my time".

So there it is. I am using this as something of a mantra, and trying to apply it to everything. I have weight to lose? Well stop wasting time, and lose it - go out for a run! I have deadlines looming? Well stop wasting time, and do your work! You want something? Well go and get it! Something isn't right? Well go and change it! STOP WASTING TIME!

We'll see in the coming weeks and months how effective it is!


  1. I really like your idea of starting a new stage. It is a NEW YEAR...kinda the fiscal year diet calculating...I likey it! Looking forward to seeing your sexy young torso! Rated R for reality.

    I am 54 and they say that it is not good to look back, but I did waste a lot of time. Time is still here with me, but I had a lot of time that I coulda but dident.

    Happy New Year sexy. LOL

  2. I like it! And when you've reached your goal, you can add it all up and say proudly that you've lost a grand total of (fill in the blank) pounds. Keep up the good work. :)