Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 4 of Marathon Week...

So far, so good!

Just got my fourth run done, so I've now covered 16 miles for the week, leaving me with 10 and a bit miles left this week for me to hit my marathon distance. Well, I say that, but...

This is my jogging route mapped out according to DailyMile, the fitness site I recently started using to track my exercise (you can see the widget over on the right).

Now the thing is, when I planned this route, I used Google Earth, and on that software, the route I run is exactly 4 miles.

The DailyMile map above also seems to use Google, but when I put my route into the map there, it comes out at a whole quarter of a mile longer!

I'm satisfied that I should at least be covering the 4 miles I plan to, but if there's any chance I've actually been running more than that (even only quarter of a mile more) I'll be happy!

On another note, you'll notice I've been blogging more this week. Part of that is forced, trying to make myself post more often, in the hopes I get into the habit again. But you know something else? I've realised that a lot of the things I want to post about occur to me on my runs! So when I'm not running, I can't think of anything to post, and when I'm not posting I lose motivation, so I don't run as much...its a vicious circle that (touch wood) I won't fall into again any time soon!


  1. Also, just realised the map above won't make a lot of sense to people, as my route does loop back on itself, so I end up running down the same road in the other direction!

  2. I think "great thoughts" when out on my walk which immediately evaporate when I sit down in front of the computer. Hope your blisters are not getting too bad. :)

  3. Haha, do you know what? I think they would be lot worse if I took a rest day - my running every day, I don't think they've had a chance to properly form yet!