Sunday, April 8, 2012

Marathon Week - VICTORY!

I did it!

Ended up waking up a lot later than I planned to today, as some of the other people on our estate were apparently raised in a zoo, and were screeching and howling at each other until dawn. Still, as soon as I woke up I got on my running gear and hit the pavements!

I knew I had to run less than a mile to reach my target, but I did the full distance anyway, so my tally for the week is actually almost 30 miles, well over the marathon distance I planned for. Very pleased!

I wonder if I'll ever be fit enough to actually run a marathon? Or even just a half-marathon? I read somewhere that different runners are built for different disciplines - that some are natural sprinters, some are more inclined to long distance etc. If that's true, then I think I must be built for the couch, as I don't see myself as particularly fast on the straight OR overly rich in stamina. I worked out from my distances and times that week that, if I could maintain my usual pace and not stop, I would run a marathon in 4 hours 10 minutes. That's complete nonsense of course, as its taken me a week to cover that distance, but it certainly gives me something to aim for, if I ever did decide to tackle the big one!

Its a shame my weight doesn't reflect the effort I've put in to the running this week. I was certainly at a loss as of this morning, but nowhere near what one might reasonably expect after almost 30 miles of exercise! Then again, this week was ALWAYS about getting back into the exercise groove, and I think I've done that, so let's see if we can do something with the scales next week, eh?

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  1. Great week for for you! At least you are building muscle and not burning it. I wish I had realized how important it is to exercise when you are losing weight to prevent that. Keep up the good work.