Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Week 20 Round Up

First up, apologies for not having blogged much this week. I was thrown a curve-ball midweek, and it completely threw me off my rhythm!

Wednesday it was the birthday of my clinical partner (kind of like a buddy system, they pair you up with a friend for your first year on the wards), and he wanted to try and find a German pub he'd been to before. I agreed to go along, especially as I thought I could maybe get away with a slightly more slack day after a big run on Monday night.

We had a good time at the pub, and I had a few beers (which is unlike me, as I usually can't stand the stuff and stick to spirits, if I drink at all). It was when I got home that the problem occurred. I went to try and unlock my bedroom door, and CLANG...the thing broke off in the lock!

I tried calling my landlord, but he didn't answer. I didn't have a spare, and part of the key was still wedged in there. I sat in the park for an hour or so waiting for a call from the landlord, but nothing. Luckily I had my wallet and phone on me, so I called my clinical partner and invited myself to crash on his sofa. Luckily his housemates were having a mini-celebration for him too, so I could just join that.

As I was sat on the platform waiting for a train the landlord finally called, and he managed to get me into my room. However, by then I was so grumpy and had psyched myself up for a party, so I decided to go along anyway. I was a good night, but those extra drinks, on top of the afternoon ones, knocked down my diet barriers, and I ate RATHER a lot of Indian food!

Thursday I was still recovering, so that was a write-off, and we had a long day on Friday. It wasn't until Saturday that I realised I hadn't run since Monday, and hadn't weighed in since then either! I had to do some catch-up work this weekend for the lazy Thursday, so now I'm going into another weigh-in tomorrow without any idea of how I've done. My diet hasn't been bad since the party, so I shouldn't have gained since then, but the worry is if the party binge was enough to wipe out the losses from the big Monday night run...I guess we'll have to see!

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  1. Sounds like you've been rolling with the punches. Always good to get back on track. Seize the day.