Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day! M'aidez! Help Me!

I said yesterday that I would let you know some of the new rules I'm going to be working by from here on out. Well, you're not getting them today, so there!

Instead, I thought it was time to apologise for the fact that, for a very long time, I've not been a very good member of the blogging community we have here.

The 'problem' started when my blog began to gain more readers. Now, I love the fact that you guys follow my blog and comment and support me from time to time. It really helps, and makes this blogging malarkey so much more rewarding.

The 'problem' was, I just didn't have time to read everyone else's blogs! I did my best for a while, by getting them all into my Feed Reader thing on my desktop. But when I got more than 10 followers, the number of updates each day (including from my usual sites, not just the bloggers) just became too many for me to fit in over breakfast. I streamlined my feeder, taking out all the blog ones, and instead added them onto my actual blog page (you can see the blogs I read down the right hand side). That worked, but only if I was, you know, actually coming to my own blog. And as you'll all know, my attendance to my blogging duties was questionable at best!

I guess what I'm saying is sorry. Sorry for not returning all the support others have given me over this journey. I'm really going to make more of an effort to stay up to speed an all your attempts, as I remember how much help I got from reading your advice, and how much more determined I was to succeed when I felt I was an active part of a weight-loss community on here. I intend to blog more often (which will require a change in what I blog about, but I'll get to that) and I hope that means I spend more time reading your own posts again. Not only do I think that's fair on you guys, but its going to help me out more too, as clearly what I've been doing so far this year hasn't exactly been working!

That's all for now - maybe TOMORROW I'll lay out the new Headspace rules of engagement!

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