Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 17 Midway Update

 A Kinder Bueno - the only 'naughty' food so far this week!

At weigh-in this morning, I am so far down exactly a pound for the week. This is very satisfactory!

The diet hasn't been too bad. I ate quite a lot on Monday, as I was still experiencing the huge hunger that my recent binging has exacerbated. However, although the quantity was quite high, I tried to make sure that most of it was protein. This has worked for me in the past, and generally causes far less damage to the weigh-in than binging on carbs does.

Tuesday I ate less, but did chow down on a Kinder Bueno bar. One of the problems I have when I cut out the carbs is that my diet lacks sugars, and so I end up craving something sweet. I think there were only about 100 calories in that bar though, and I was able to limit it to just that, which is promising! I also have some very cheap ice-pops in my freezer, which are only about 45 calories each, but can be perfect for satisfying my sweet-tooth in a fairly harmless way.

As I write this, I am actually really hungry, but as I've already eaten my calories for the day, I have to grin and make do. And you know what? Its OK! This is a really good sign for me, motivation wise - over the last three weeks, whenever I've had a big hunger, I've gone out and filled up on junk food. However, at the start of the program when I was really committed to the weight loss, I actually ENJOYED feeling hungry, as I knew that my body was looking for calories to burn, and would take it from my fat. Having that feeling back now is great.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I haven't run yet this week. I'm still keen to try and get into my morning-run system again, but my sleep has still been disturbed this week, so every morning so far I've just hit snooze and rolled over. I'll try once more tomorrow morning, but if that still doesn't work, then I WILL go out tomorrow evening. I'm sure that getting back into the exercise will help the sleeping too.

Anyway, that's it so far - we've got a pound to beat before Monday!


  1. I haven't eaten a bueno must be Euro... "so much little time" lol. I have learned to appreciate opportunity in trying. A little here and there just not to damage my weight loss progress.

  2. I definitely am with you on the bingeing on higer protein things as opposed to a toastfest or any kind of carb based binge, it last so much longer. It's taken me decades to realise how addictive carbs are for me. Hope you got your run in... that snooze button is a killer isn't it :-)