Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 19 Midway Update

At weigh-in this morning, I was up almost a pound for the week so far. How on earth did this happen?

The trouble is, I don't know! I haven't been weighing regularly this week, you see. That's part of what inspired yesterday's post. This morning was the first time since Monday I stepped on the scales. Let's recap my week since then...

On Monday, I did eat rather too much. I think its an effect of my carbs over the weekend - I really do seem to be addicted to the things, and whenever I eat too many, I get hooked and relapse into a carb binge. Not that Monday was a binge, that is - I just ate carbs for every meal. (Toasted sandwich, baked potato, know the score.)

Tuesday was better, and Wednesday I don't remember what I had, but don't recall a binge. Yesterday I had a low-calorie day (being aware that I hadn't weighed and getting nervous), but the calories I did eat were mainly carbs. I have also run three times so far this week, so that's nearly 13 miles under my belt already.

That's the tally for this week, and it has given me a gain of about a pound. That's why I don't know the cause - I haven't been tracking it. I don't know if my weight shot up dramatically after the Monday decadence and has been dropping since then, or if the weight jumped up after yesterday's low-calorie but high-carb total. It could be genuine weight gain, or it could be water weight following carbs. I guess we'll see!

I've had a very strict day today since this weigh-in, and I plan on having a good weekend too. I can also fit in a couple more runs over the weekend, which will bring me to 5 runs in 5 days...hopefully that's enough to score a loss come Monday!

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  1. have you seen the OMG diet in The Times today? Sounds bizarre enough to work.... cold baths and no food for breakfast - Eee!