Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 19 Round-Up

So, at my mid-week check-in, I was up about a pound. I wasn't sure if that was genuine fat gain or just water weight at the time. Then, when I weighed in on Saturday morning, my weight had dropped by two full pounds, putting me at a net loss of a pound for the week.

I was quite pleased with this! I had been running every evening since Wednesday, and went out again on Saturday night, to try and make the most of the loss. However, when I came to weigh in on Sunday morning, the weight had gone up again!

I'm getting used to this by now though, so I didn't take it too personally. I have just got back from another run, so that equals five runs in five days, for a distance of just over 21 miles. I'm almost tempted to go out again on Monday and Tuesday nights, make it seven for seven, and score another Marathon Week. We'll see though - I was kinda saving that for when I get closer to 218 lbs, my historical rebound point...but maybe.

Don't know what the scales will read tomorrow, or if I'll manage to score a pound loss or not - as I say I have been running tonight, but I did have another day of mostly carbs (keeping the calories at about 1200, but that water weight will always get me). I guess I'll find out in the morning!


  1. The running is good for ya. Happy for your consistency! Nice numbers on your sidebar gadget!