Friday, March 4, 2011

The First Week

So, how did the first week go?

Pretty darn well, is the answer. Having decided to limit my carb intake for the first phase of this program, I was somewhat limited in what I could eat. A three-egg ham omelette each morning kept the hunger at bay (better than toast or cereal, which had my stomach rumbling again after a few hours), and kept the carbs down. Lunch was more difficult, as in the past I have just gone and bought a sandwich or a wrap from the shops. Problem is - you've guessed it - carbs. So packed lunches were in order.

But I've never been much of one for cooking. Not to say I CAN'T cook, I just get terribly fed up waiting for it. I decided to make my lunches in batches, three or four days worth at a time. A large pack of mince, fried up with some onions and peppers, covered me for the first few days, and then some home-made corned beef hash covered the rest of the week.

Evenings were hardest, as this was my prime snacking time. Thing was though, by cutting out the carbs, I didn't seem to crave them so much. I still gave in occasionally, thinking it better to release the craving-pressure now and then rather than let it build to a head. But on the whole I was good.

Well, until Saturday, when I was both good and bad. I was fairly active, attending a conference (so on my feet all day), and then dancing all evening in a nightclub. The problem was I drank alcohol that evening too. I more or less gave up alcohol before Christmas, and this was only my second evening drinking since then. It was another little promise I'd made myself - not to have a proper drink before I toasted my brother's wedding in September. That one's now out the window, but I'm going to keep up with cutting back the booze anyway. Except on special occasions...

And what did all this dieting and activity amount to on the scales? Read my next post to find out!

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