Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 3 So Far...

So I'm only one weigh away from posting my results from week 3. I don't expect it to be anywhere near as amazing as the first two weeks...but now, I know I only have myself to blame.

When I weighed on Monday, I had lost more than a stone (16.1 lbs to be exact) and was nearly 10 lbs ahead of where I wanted to be by this date. Everything was going swimmingly - so I decided to treat myself.

And I stand by that decision. It is important to have a few little treats here and there, otherwise you end up resenting your diet, and that soon leads to quitting, and spiralling right back down. The mistakes I made were two-fold. 1) I over-did it. And 2) I couldn't stop.

When I decided to have my Monday treat, I went to the shops, and I bought a nice big chicken pie. I also bought some ice-cream for dessert. Then, as happened so many times before, I began to ignore the little voice screaming warnings in the back of my mind, and proceeded to fill my basket with chocolate, energy drinks, Pringles, onion rings, candy etc etc. I had a big pig-out (which I only half-enjoyed to be honest), and that should have been it. But on Tuesday I went back and did it again. The same thing.

This was reflected in my morning weighs, and by Thursday morning I had put on over 5 lbs. I felt awful, having done so well over the previous fortnight. Luckily, I was still a few pounds ahead of my schedule, so I didn't feel the total despair that would have come with throwing away all my gains. I've been good the rest of this week (although I did have to share a portion of chips and some alcohol with colleagues after lectures finished on Friday), and by Saturday morning I was back on track, being one whole pound lighter than last week.

But my weigh this morning was back up, and that one I can't explain. I know I only posted that graph yesterday showing how my weight change fluctuated up and down, but the general trend was always downhill. This week, it's been uphill if anything. I don't want to read anything into it - this is only my third week after all! And I'm still ahead of my scheduled weight loss, which is good. I just kind of hoped that every week I would see an overall drop in weight, no matter how small. I honestly don't think it'll happen this time. But I must think positive - and if my weight goes up a little this week, then next week's drop will be even bigger to compensate for it! I'm going to stay motivated.

Still, it has opened my eyes to how susceptible I still am to bingeing (for all my talk of being over the cravings), and how much of an effect even two days can have. I am still ahead of schedule too, and did say to myself that I would need to expect the weight loss to slow. If I was given a magic pill that would make me lose all 100 lbs in a day, I wouldn't take it. Not only would I probably then be left with loose saggy curtains of skin all over, but there would have been no journey. I need to earn this weight loss. Because its not just about dropping the pounds - its about changing my lifestyle so that I drop the pounds, and keep them off forever. Otherwise I'd just go right back to where I was before. After my whirlwind start it was easy to lose sight of this, so in a way, I'm glad. I've been brought back down to earth, and can once again see that there is still such a very long way to go...

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