Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back In Business

Had my final exam yesterday morning - was absolutely brutal, but at least everyone else thought so too, and not just me! Trying not to think about it anymore until the results come out, but would be VERY surprised if I'd passed - just have to hope the resits don't clash with my brother's wedding!

Having a good week weight-wise. Haven't had a chance to run yet, but plan on sneaking at least one in before Monday. I upped my calories too, in an attempt to keep my brain fuelled, but I still seem to have lost quite a lot of weight so far this week - I think perhaps that spacing my calories out over the day has helped quite a lot, as during revision I was eating small portions maybe six times a day, whereas usually I have three larger meals.

Yesterday will have helped too, although not in a way I planned. Had a big breakfast to keep me going through the exam, then we all went to the pub to celebrate/commiserate. I allowed myself to have a drink, since it was something of an occasion, but decided not to eat - I wasn't sure what the calories would be in the pub food, and I was so tired that I planned on going home after a couple of hours anyway.

But one drink led to another...

So yeah, finally staggered home in the wee hours of this morning, and slept through almost to midday. No idea what the calories of all that alcohol will have been, but there absolutely weren't enough proper food ones! Great for the scale, but of course there's always a chance it'll just pile back on again. Will have to wait until Monday to see!


  1. Sigh of relief... exam is over!! Yay!! I think pubs, or bars.. are dangerous... you can never really stop at one drink..err.. well I can't so I feel your pain. I am sure one day didn't hurt you tooo bad. If so, get back on the horse!! You totally got this! :)

  2. Sometimes you have to enjoy those nights where one drink leads to another. You earned it after that exam! I hope the results are good! Fingers crossed! ;)