Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 21 - RESULTS

In a week where weight-loss has been second in my mind to exams, have I managed to shift the pounds?

STARTING WEIGHT:   234.5 lbs

ENDING WEIGHT:  229.5 lbs

WEIGHT LOSS:  5.0 lbs

Wow! Surprised myself with this one! Although I was eating more calories than usual during revision, I think the fact that I was spacing them out through the day might have helped keep my metabolism ticking over (as well as the fact that my days were much longer, as I crammed well into the night!).

Even so, very pleased to see such a big loss, especially when the rate of loss has been a lot slower over the last few months. In fact, in the last 8 weeks, I have only reached my target weekly loss on two occasions, including this one. I have pretty much lost all the advance I had from the start of the program, and am now more or less at the weight I planned to be by now, so its not all bad! Makes me wonder if my rate of loss is actually slowing at all, or if its just the fact that over the last few months I've been more focussed on exams than losing weight?

I am now out of the 230's, where I spent 4 weeks, so if I can be out of the 220's in a similar period of time I'll be very happy. I am also now below 16.5 stone (that's UK stone - according to my phone's converter app the US stone has a different value!), and edging closer to the weight I always remember being at school - craziness, but in an awesome way! I'm also more than 7lbs below an Obese BMI, so the chances of me bouncing back into that category on my imminent holiday are growing slimmer - woo hoo!

Speaking of the holiday, I won't be able to weigh in next Monday, as I'll be on a train from Vienna to Ljubljiana (and hopefully hopefully HOPEFULLY will know I passed my last two exams), so we'll have to wait another week to see what impact the travels have on my weight. I'll keep posting this week though, and will do my monthly progress picture comparison on Thursday, which will be 5 months to the day since I started this program!

All that's left is to record my weight loss to date, and post up YET MORE body shots - anybody as sick of lumpy male torso pictures as me yet? :-p

67.6 lbs

229.5 lbs

 229.5 lbs


  1. Good job! Hit me back,

  2. When I read stone, I always think of rocks. I am semi-slower than the average bear. Clearly, I took the same classes and Yogi. ;)

    You are doing BEYOND amazing, as I am sure you already know!! Keep up the great work!! 5 lbs?!?!?! That is so so so so so awesome!! Wowwie wow wow buddy!! Wow!!

  3. Two thumbs up. Doing great!