Thursday, July 21, 2011

Week 22 So Far...

You know, I almost wish I WAS weighing in on Monday, as I've had a really successful week so far, weight-wise.

Not having any more revision to do means I have been able to get back into my dieting mindset, and the weight has been falling off. Of course that was the plan - to try and lose as much (within reason) as I can this week, to try and preempt any gain next week on my holiday. Not that gaining weight while I'm away is necessarily a given fact - we're going to be really active, always on our feet, and I don't plan on pigging out or anything silly. Still, no harm in being prepared!

Its been really nice to get away from the books for a while. I'm still dreading tomorrow, when the results are announced - if I have resits, any chance of a relaxing August are out the window! I've been trying not to think about it, and that means distracting myself with anything I can! I've watched a lot of DVDs, played through a computer game, and now I'm neck-deep in holiday itinerary. Still need to pack! But there's time.

Anyhow, tomorrow I will of course let you know how the exams went, and I'll also post up my before-and-now progress pics (since today is technically 5 months since I started). Can't believe I've been doing it all this time - but the results definitely show!


  1. Can't wait to see the before and current pics!!